Chads = Gods

Went to sleep fairly late the previous night, woke up around 10, heard some conversation in the kitchen, sounded like my roommates and another gentleman, heard me name mentioned too. Was displeased about that, they were talking about me behind my back just like my previous roommates. I considered taking revenge on them by urinating in any drinks they left lying around.

I actually left my room and got out of bed at 1pm, it was when the chatter had seemed to have died down and I could most likely use the kitchen in peace after my shower. I was wrong, turned out on of my roommates was sitting at the table (I have two roommates, one is a Chad, the other Chinese), it was the Chad, I was getting my cereal and he told me that he was doing some gardening, the garden was in a right state, it was some intensive work that someone deserved a wage for completing. Said I should follow him outside and he’d show me what they’d been up to. I followed, barefoot, had a short exchange with his brother who was helping out, not comfortable around this guy, he is on the same course/year as I’m claiming to be. I was however able to keep conversation going with him since we did have something in common.

I asked if I could help at all, Chad said there wasn’t much left, so I retreated to my room. I was upset at being excluded from the activity, more enraged than earlier. Stayed in my room for the next 3 to 4 hours playing a little Hearthstone, discovering a One Piece tablet game and posting on /brit/. I was comfy so I became very startled when I heard a knock on my door. It was Chad. Offering me ice cream. I accepted his offer. Followed him into the kitchen, “caramel or white chocolate?”, I went for the caramel, then again I followed him, this time outside the backdoor into the garden, the four of us stood eating out Magnum ice creams and chatting, it was nice, it went okay, the biggest fuckuo thankfully was not mine, the Chinese guy quizzed “Do you know why white chocolate was invented?” Chad gave a serious answer, something about lack of coco. The Chinese guy said he was planning on making a pun, I pressed him to continue, he delivered his punchline “It’s so black people won’t bite off their fingers!”. I looked at him in disgust and said that was not on. I don’t remember my exact words but it was something to that effect, Chad and his brother hung their heads in shame, Chad remarked that it “was a bit dark”. Sounded like another bad joke. I don’t think much less of the Chinese guy, it’s a cultural thing, he doesn’t realise what he said was in bad taste. Though comparing someone’s skin to chocolate isn’t the most malicious thing in the world.

There was one small hiccup when I started talking about anime and “cute girl doing cute things” but I did comment on how anime could be perceived as strange and autismal to show I had self-awareness.

After we were done with out ice creams I pressed Chad harder to be able to help out. I was very grateful to Chad for extending the hand of friendship and going the extra mile to accommodate my handicaps. Revolted at myself for thinking poorly of him. I was given a task while he went into the kitchen to prepare food for his gf, I worked with his brother how made a grand effort to get to know me, he kept asking question after question, relating to anime even though he knew little to nothing about it, comics also came up. The problem was that I didn’t have enough conversation experience and had too much to say on the subjects that I didn’t know where to begin, I couldn’t get my thoughts in order. Worked and chatted for an hour or two. The Chinese guy liked 9gag, there was a funny exchange when he was asked what kind of music he liked and he said “muse” and the other guy thought he misheard, “mus-?”.

It was a good, normal socialising experience. Bit of exercise involved, bit of fun. Good day, best of the month, didn’t have any trouble speaking to people, the problem was saying what I wanted to say. Don’t think I need the anxiety meds at this stage in my life.

After we were done I washed my hands and went back to my room, the others stood around in the kitchen and conversed, I didn’t know that was what we were supposed to do after the garden activities seemed to have finished so I took the lead and left. Was a little hungry but didn’t want them judging me so stayed put. Chad’s gf came over and the room began to clear up, an hour or so later I got another knock on my door by Chad again, he told me his gf worked in a cookie shop and she brought some leftovers with her, I followed him to the kitchen again and took a bite of a biscuit. His gf was sitting there, she was a qt but not a particular standout, Chad could do better, not British, she had an accent. She repeated what Chad had told me and I’d acted like I hadn’t just heard it. Took two more biscuits to my room. I don’t know if Chad was expecting me to talk more or if he was just being nice by sharing buscuits.

Throughout the day I had the curtains drawn, the light emanating from my tablet eventually gave me a headache. The cookies gave me a tummy ache (I only got through 2 of them) so I turned in around 8, I was in too much pain to do anything even rest. Then throughout the night I would occasionally mutter her name, must have done itnover 10 times, it was like an involuntary spasm. Odd that instead of praying to God, I considered her to be the only one who could end my suffering.

Chad wanted the garden clear so he could have a BBQ at some point.

My last roommate was pathetic little beta, that’s why he wasn’t nice to me, it’s not in a betas nature to offer kindness, they are vile little creatures who want stability and familiarity. Chads on the other hand have it all, they see no issue with giving a little as they have so much already they aren’t afraid of loss.

To clarify my definition of ‘beta’ is a low tier normie, I’m not a beta.


23 thoughts on “Chads = Gods

    • Im curious as to why this particular entry made poleaboo seemed worse than you thought? Aside from the name muttering which is not too bizarre a thing for this blog i feel like if anything will improve poleaboos life its days like these where he interacts and is made to feel like more of a normie and less of an ostricised outsider. I feel like chad and his brother being nice and including him is in a way the best therapy he can get. Stop being some lame fuccboi just trying to fit in saying ‘omg ur so evil, get some help lol!’ This is one of his least destructive posts. It shows when properly included and treated with respect he can conform to societal norms and get a long with people notmally.


  1. Someone mentions your name and you want to urinate in their drinks in revenge. Somehow, you think this makes you a good guy, a victim and not a complete piece of shit.

    Is this whole blog some kind of elaborate joke?


    • They were backchatting about me. It’s basically the same thing I’ve been arrested for.

      They took a bite out of me and I was planning on taking a bite out of them, equal exchange, nothing unfair.


      • You were arrested for voyeurism and stalking. They mentioned your name. You heard someone say your name and you wanted to urinate in someone’s drink (which, by the way, is assault by poisoning in the jurisdiction where you live).

        You heard them say your name and, in a fit of paranoia, you wanted to commit a criminal offence while you were awaiting trial for a whole bunch of other criminal offences. How the fuck are you not in a mental hospital? If this whole blog is not some elaborate joke, you are a danger to yourself and others and you’re far too stupid to learn your lesson

        Come on. Fess up. This whole thing is a joke. Right? It’s some crazy /r9k/ parody. Right? No-one could possibly be as fucked up in the head as you are. Right?


      • No, I have not been arrested for vouyerism. That is still under investigation or has been dropped,I don’t know.

        I didn’t realise the urine thing was that bad, wouldn’t have thrown it out so casually if I’d known. Guess I wasn’t charged for doing it to my last roommate due to lack of evidence.

        When I was interviewed by the police I tried to claim this whole blog was a parody, a gimmick, then I went down to 50/50 and now I don’t even know anymore, is this how I really am or am I living according to expectations.


    • I’m omega (at a glance) but what makes me superior is self-awareness and dissatisfaction with my current station.

      Betas are pathetic because theyre happy being betas, “at least I’m not an omega”.


      • I don’t think self-awareness makes you better. If anything it makes you worse because your life is still the way it is, even though you are ‘self aware’ about it.

        How long have you been ‘self-aware’ for? Surly by now you would have become an alpha then? An omega is worse than a beta, no matter how you try and justify it.

        I’m not trying to stop you from working on self improvement or anything, That is the right thing to do. I’m just saying that when you call others ‘pathetic little beta’ and refer to them as ‘vile little creatures’, it seems odd and hypocritical.


  2. Chad is just luring you in with his charm to get you to be his slave, and you’re falling for it like any other girl. He has no respect for your beta ass.


  3. glad to see you havent matured one bit. still talk down about others and still want to piss in peoples drinks. prison is where you belong


    • I never talked anyone down.

      Liked everyone I interacted with yesterday.

      Don’t confuse me describing people and the situation with my personal opinions. Calling a fat person a hambeast is just a matter of fact.


  4. Chad and his brother sound like pretty decent guys. Build separate relationships with these two.

    Also build a separate relationship with chads GF. This will strengthen you relationship with them both and bring you into their group.

    Your put down on the Chinese guy was a good move. take him down a peg or two when you have a chance so that he becomes the groups omega. But no so far that he is shunned from the group altogether.

    As a general strategy try to find an identity in the group. I would suggest the ‘quiet and reserved guy who is actually pretty nice and interesting once you get to know him’

    Try to spend a little more time out of your room and in their company to include yourself in their crew and be less of an outsider.

    Even just playing with your tablet or reading a book in the longueroom in cool. Maybe buy a box of donuts and just leave them in the fridge with a note that they are for everyone to eat.

    You don’t need to try to be funny or interesting. You don’t need to have anything in particular to say. The group dynamic will evolve naturally in your favor from this point on.

    Take your meds bro. This will be the real game changer


  5. Good on you for having a nice experience with your roommates. Keep it up!
    Though I still believe, reading some of your thoughts, that professional coach/therapist would help you immensely. You have a lack of social awareness/interactions, no wonder you feel weird around people/don’t know what to say/behave, but therapist could surely give you good input to make it feel more natural.

    Also, just as a reminder, your behavior also speaks for you. If you try your best to be invisible for others, they assume you don’t want to deal with them (which is, if I recall correctly, actually the case). So you shouldn’t be sulky or surprised if they won’t ask you to do stuff with them.

    Still I wonder, what is it that prevents you from using the kitchen or the bathroom if others are around? Like what exactly prevents you from doing it?


    • A therapist seems like too much, I feel like I’ve made great strides already without one, we’ll see what the meds do.

      Yeah,on some level I am pleased to be left alone and that people feel they know me well enough to realise that.

      Anxiety, I can’t approach a scene involving more than one person (even one is difficult to handle), I just can’t do it.


      • Worth noting both poleaboo and sheik are Muslims who live in two of the most isolated regions of the UK, ironically on opposite ends of the country.


  6. you’ve become a meme poleaboo, a fuckin MEME! just like that John guy (shit was so cash). you already achieved more fame (infamy) than every other commentor ITT, bravo lad!


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