Normie Streak: 2 Days

Got up early since I went to bed early last night. My roommate waking up early for his ASDA shift and myself needing to urinate encouraged me. Felt especially hungry this morning so had microwaved cheese sandwiches in addition to my cereal. Played a little Hearthstone, as I do every day for the daily quest (I usually stay up after midnight to complete the quest ASAP and reroll). Noticed a few grey hairs while looking in the mirror, they’re all at the side of my head, like Hal Jordan, reminds me how I’ve fallen behind on my comic book reading since losing my laptop, tablet just isn’t convenient for it. Not going to enjoy reading the big (bad) events after everyone has finished talking about them, going to be left with my anger with little form of release. Got a couple of people knocking on the door too, a German who went straight up to the Chinese guys bedroom. Later on the postie came by with a letter for me, I had to sign for it, inside was a cheque from the McDonalds guy £228.69 and my P45. Good thing I answered, I was considering ignoring both those vistiors but then I remembered it could be the police, it would give me a jolt, back in April In was dreading the police coming by again, now I’m looking forward to our next encounter.

Hung out with my friend for a couple of hours before his gf got back. Barely even spoke about the things I mention here, I think that’s a good thing.

Deposited my cheque, had some banter with the clerk who remembered me from my previous visit and went home. Felt very relaxed during the walk, usually my anxiety acts up and I’m drenched in sweat but not today. Roommates were gardening again, said “hi”, popped a couple of potatoes in the microwave and helped for a bit though I think they’re going a bit too far with it. Wonder if they were surprised I was out, might have knocked on for me like they did yesterday but assumed I was ignoring them.

Checked my phone later in the day and release I had missed a text message from my friend asking if I wanted to hang out some more later, 2 hours late, fuck, I would have loved to, maybe, said there would be more people around, wouldn’t have liked that but would have forced myself, this was an easy out. Don’t like that I looked rude and missed out on something interesting.

Played some more of that One Piece game, GoT, little bit of Boardwalk Empire, not sure where the time went.

Not happy with my roommates, the Chad in particular I think, he has been using my milk, my cutlery and on the day we were gardening, he set a bowl of mine in the grass, then placed his mobile phone inside it and played music (I was not around when this happened, I noticed it later). The milk, I can forgive since it’s easy enough to just take some of his, the cutlery too since we use the same draws although I can tell mine apart from the designs but the shit with the bowl is infuriating, he knew it wasn’t his bowl and that was all he cared about. Don’t understand why it’s okay for my dish to touch the grass but not his phone, would normally be a lot more put out by this but so far his friendliness has outweighed his inconsiderate behaviours. Will be keeping a close eye on him. Package arrived today, his gf is from Cyprus, I don’t care, just a bit of background.


13 thoughts on “Normie Streak: 2 Days

  1. Bowl in grass isnt to keep the phone out of the grass, its to act as a sound amplifier. Getting so upset about a dirty bowl when your reactions to the other things are rational ie you can buy more milk, the cultlery washes, and guess what…so does the bowl. No harm no foul here. Seems you are doing better, and the haters that will eventually comment saying you’re a degenerate and all around piece of shit, fuck them! Keep doing whatever it is you’re doing poleaboo, it seems to be working.


  2. what does this mean?:

    “Not going to enjoy reading the big (bad) events after everyone has finished talking about them”

    also, what’s the thing that prevents you from going on welfare support?


    • Referring to comic book events, many are terrible in all respects. Not many people will likely be up for talking about them once the dust has settled.

      I could get JSA and some other bennies, holding off because
      -Pride (can claim I’m not at rock bottom just yet)
      -Feel like a job is just around the corner
      -To lazy to instigate the process
      There is one other reason, I’ll bring it up later if it becomes relevant


  3. You piss in someone’s drink, spy on them in the toilet and post pictures on 4chan?
    Harmless pranks!

    Someone puts a fucking bowl in the grass as a makeshift amplifier?
    A literal Holocaust.


    • They’re similar as far as no harm being done as long as the other party is unaware of the actions.

      I haven’t, nor can I, get the police involved. If my alleged victims wanted to kick my ass or take some other form of nonofficial revenge, I would have been fine with that.


  4. The bowl things to amplify the sound from the phone. It reflects all of the sound outwards making it louder, keep your cool man and stick with it with chad, he seems like hes bein cool with you so dont be so suspicious and this could be real good for you. Also contact friend and say you are up for hanging out some other time, again i feel this will be good for you and something you enjoy.


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