Nothing Much

Went out for groceries. Didn’t know what to buy, just bought cereal, hummas, tuna, cheese and bread. The hummas was made in Israel, this distressed me. Spotted one of my former McDonalds work colleagues at the bus stop and successfully avoided her. Waiting to get a job before returning my uniform and apologising. It was hotter than I thought, wore a coat and sweated a lot, had another shower when I got back home.

Interview tomorrow, not thinking about it at all. Hope I get it.

Will need to wash my clothes soon.

Peaceful day, I avoided interactions with my roommates, it does bother me though how when even they’re not around they bother me with how active they are, they go to the gym, socialise and work.


8 thoughts on “Nothing Much

  1. how much does your Pakistani ethnic identity contribute to your sense of alienation?

    you seem to be a westernised culturally assimilated immigrant. But your comment about Israel hints at other loyalties


    • >you seem to be a westernised culturally assimilated immigrant.

      He seems like an /r9k/ meme given physical form and released upon an unsuspecting public. I’m just waiting for him to start pissing in people’s drinks because they ate all the chicken tendies.


    • I was a lonely kid during most of my primary school run too where all of the students were of Pakistani heritage. So I can’t pin the blame on that even if I do feel like scapegoating it sometimes. It’s more general feelings of being different/inferior, I think.

      I do hold some negative opinions regarding Pakis, for example, how people from my region talk, their slang,how seriously they take religion, heated opinions on certain political issues disproportionate etc. (really etc., I haven’t run out of things to criticise) those that should be more relevant to them. That’s arguably on me, I’m blasé, don’t like like seeing other people passionate about anything.

      >westernised culturally assimilated immigrant
      Don’t be so condescending, I’ve lived here my entire life though as far as assimilation is concerned I’m on around the same level as other shut-in manchildren from muh sekret cub (who I don’t think you would have considered judging their cultural acceptance and “assimilation” levels despite by definition having rejected them)

      Not unusual to have a negative opinion there, especially when considering where I post and all non-US media


  2. What comics you read? Just Marvel and DC? Try checking out series from other publishers like Image, Vertigo, Dark Horse and Valiant.


    • Yeah, quickly, not sure if I posted it already or this is a trap (sharing information from a private communication) but he it had been passed onto the PF and they’ll be in touch regarding my laptop and if anything is found on it.
      Should not expect to get it back before the trial.


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