Another one

Woke up early enough, before my roommates, showered and put on my suit, felt silly, overdressed but was assured it was the right move to make. I have been told more than once I look good wearing my suit, do get spurts of pride occasionally too. Chad’s gf stayed over last night, they came down to the kitchen before I could leave, had to wait for my opening, risked being late, not too unhappy about it, got to hear her speak some more, observe how people in a relationship speak to each other.

Thought it might have been a conversation starter to walk past them and explain why In was wearing a suit but then weighed off having to end the conversation and whether I would look ridiculous taking this so seriously. I left, loitered in the manna section of Waterstones for a bit and then stepped into the job centre, asked for the guy I had an interview with, I was still early but he saw me straight away anyway, thought that was a good sign at first.

He was posho, everything about him from his voice, smile, style and choice of words. I learned that the company had recently lost out on a job in the city because they didn’t have enough local employees, so they were doing a big hiring drive to make sure it didnt happen again. They have no jobs currently lined up in the city. I “got” the job for what it’s worth. The interview went fine, taking into consideration it was impossible to fail, I answered the sole question he had well (“why do you want to work for us?”) and asked him a few questions at the end. He made it clear most people who work for them usually have another job, so eben if I do get a few gigs, I would still need a proper Jon to stay afloat. I get the feeling he’s going to make fun of me for being overdressed and overeager in private.

Spent the rest of the day feeling down, resigned to going home again, began looking forward to it a little. I didn’t feel like the world was out to get me, just felt like a loser. 8 ours after the interview however I was given another glimmer of hope, got a call from a local amusement park, offering me an interview on Monday, good timing as it’s near my GP. I had submitted a CV for general recruitment 2 weeks ago, it was very surprising that they got back to me now. My friend said I should have gone in and asked about work going in person but I didn’t have the bottle. I don’t like how after one window of opportunity is revealed to be a brick wall another window appears, I’m not seeing the opportunities in front of me but the trail of failures behind me. At least it keeps me occupied, would hate having an infinite amount of time with no direction even more than slamming into walls and dusting myself off before repeating every week.


2 thoughts on “Another one

  1. wearing a suit to a job interview is ALWAYS a good idea. No exceptions. You 100% did the right thing.

    anyone who is looking for work will experience knock backs and rejections. people often need to apply for lots of jobs before they are offered something. This is just the way it is so try not to have a glass jaw.


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