For me

Sticking to my regular meals, cereal, jacket potato with tuna & coleslaw and cheese sandwiches. Feel the need to eat something different, maybe something with meat or spice.

Didn’t do anything other than play some games and watch Orange is the New Black, it’s boring. Bought my 4th wing of Naxxramas with gold though so feeling quite accomplished knowing I’m only one off completion.

Can hear my roommate playing guitar and singing occasionally, he is terrible, I don’t like it. Don’t like hearing by roommates casually chatting with each other either, one even seems to have a nickname for the other. I feel left out. Cunt is still using my cutlery.

Been thinking about some stuff, made me quite angry, much calmer now, don’t want to talk about this, I just want to get it off my chest, that makes me feel better and this is the first time in over a month that I’ve felt like I really did need to write something down.

These are the types of things I have read on /brit/ and elsewhere, the actions I have taken and the results of those actions

Pakis are bad because their culture doesn’t mesh well with British values
I consider myself agnostic. The only culture I surround myself with is board specific cultures.

Pakis are bad because they don’t integrate
Drink alcohol, eat bacon and haram meat in general
>still no friends (well, one, but he would have been my friend regardless) despite my desire to assimilate, no one seems to want me to integrate

Pakis are all dole scroungers and benefits cheats
I’ve been NEET on and off again for 3 months, never claimed JSA because I didn’t want to be another statistic
>Got a job, got fired despite being a good cuck. Jobs are scarce, difficult to even get an interview for those that I apply to, response rate is in the region of 5%.

Pakis are bad because they support Labour which is also bad, vote UKIP to save the UK
I’ve told multiple people in the real world that I support UKIP
>Looked like a twat

Brown people can never be British
This is where I lost it, I’m really not happy about this. After I fled /r9k/ after the normies invasion, I needed to find a new community where I could be among similar people, I thought /brit/ was that place but as the months have gone on it has become more and more apparent that I don’t belong there, we are not the same.

Honestly, if I knew how to do “something to make my displeasure known”, I would.


17 thoughts on “For me

  1. Always take 4chan with a grain of salt mate. You seem to be a walking meme at times, always listening and taking everything 100% seriously from there.


  2. You reject your Pakistani identity because you are told it’s bad (by your mother, the media, by 4chan etc)

    As a result you feel inferior and worthless.

    You try to replace it with your 4chan online persona (cruel, judgemental, cynical). Naturally, you are shunned by society.


    • Sounds right, but this is why I feel a psychologist or councilor would be useless, after finding the source of my problems I still don’t know what steps to take to resolve them.

      >My mother
      Don’t remember mentioning her like that but you’re right


  3. You aren’t British, it shouldn’t make you mad, It’s just a fact. You’d be happier if you were in a nation of your own people.


  4. have you ever prayed at a mosque?

    have you ever visited Islamic extremist / anti-western websites?

    have you ever publicly denounced western imperialism or proclaimed your support for the Islamic jihadist movement?


    • Go to the mosque twice a year with my father and brother for morning prayers on religious festivals. I don’t know the prayer though so just too through the motions.

      Don’t know where to find extremist websites, from what I’ve heard on documentaries they sound fun. Had a browse of stormfront a couple of times and got a few chuckles.

      Yeah, very likely denounced imperialism and showed sympathy for jihadist groups on /pol/ and elsewhere for the purpose of b8ing (mostly).


  5. Poleaboo, hear me out here. You seem to misplace your anger and i think your hatred of chad is a perfect example of this. So the dude uses your cutlery? So what? If you werent an angry person otherwise i can garuntee this wouldnt bother you. You need to realise chad is actually trying to welcome you to the house by the sounds of things and treat you like a real person and involve you with stuff. You shouldnt let your anger at other things in your life intefer with what could be a real help to you. I know it seems like the world sucks and is out to get you at times but from what youve written on here i really think you should do your best to be open minded with chad and realise it isnt him thats making you miserably and actually having good realtionships with the people you live with would definitely make you a lot happier.


    • Even if you’re right (I still believe I’m being disrespected and would feel the same regardless of my circumstances, even if I were friends with Chad) we still would disagree on what comes first.

      I feel I need to improve myself before being able to make friends and then I will be happy.
      You seem to be feeling me to jump straight into making friends before making myself into someone worthy of friendship.


  6. You are angry at Chad for using your spoon. But I also remember you were happy to use your other flatmate’s ribena! Double standards?

    You also got mad when Chad put his phone in your bowl. But it was OK for you to urinate in his juice!


    • Not the same thing at all.

      If the other person doesn’t know then it’s harmless and just empowering on my end (ignorance is bliss)

      My roommate owed me recompense and I took it in the form of Ribena, no foul play there.

      Also deserved the urine treatment for being inconsiderate


  7. first of all mate its Pakistani not Pakis you know it does refer to a slang as well and I know you do not give a damn about it but please at least think about your parents. Tell me few thing what nationality you got? how many time do you visit Pakistan in a year or ever in you entire life? do you ever imagine seen your self living in Pakistan?. Its fine you mom and dad from Pakistan but you are not. I personally believe that the child born and raised here is 90% British apart only getting there name which do sounds like a Muslim name and probably about their color. But take those 2 things away and you are a British guy also not five fingers are same if you have not misuse any benefits their might be plenty of Pakistani who have done the same. As far as friends goes eating bacon and drinking alcohol will not give you friends you have to change your bloody attitude. By the way you know that Muslims are not allowed to eat bacon and drink alcohol and you called you self a paki well you certainly are a Paki but believe me you will never be a Pakistani.


    • Paki is “our” word like how blacks call each other nigger. My mother uses it, as did the kids at school (50% paki)

      British national, dad is from Pakiland, mum was born here as was her father.

      Visited Pakiland (again, picked up from other Pakis) once for two weeks when I was 10, meant to be longer but it was shit, where we were based anyway, maybe that’s too strong but the novelty wore off after a while, there just wasn’t enough to do.

      >You know Muslims are not allowed to eat bacon and drink alcohol
      That’s kinda the point I was making.

      >You will never be Pakistani
      If I got some Paki m8s I would do what I could to fit in with them, that shit might even be more up my street, I don’t even know what I like to do


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