Bought some razors to clean up for tomorrow, need to stop wearing my coat out, sweated heavily again, had to change my shirt, it is still damp. Went to the ASDA store, believe I successfully avoided being noticed by the McDonalds crew. Not sure how to go about my apology or what reaction to expect.

Have GP appointment tomorrow to get a hold of some anti-anxiety meds, not sure what to say to convince him to give me something or if I really need them, I don’t put myself out there much since I left university, this action seems too far overdue and will have minimal effects on my life.

Interview at the amusement park for the unspecified position is tomorrow. Don’t know enough about it to feel anything other than worry, I don’t know how to dress or what exactly I’m trying to get (hours, pay, responsibility). My address has changed since sending off my CV so that could be an issue, I’ve gone from living 5 minutes away to 40 or so minutes.

Chinese roommate is the one with the guitar and terrible singing, listening to him right now could imagine stabbing the bastard (an exaggeration, detective).

Chad roommate through his gf over again, I like her accent.

Chad and the Chinese are going to play badminton tomorrow, not unusual since I know they met playing against each other.

Chad has marked his milk with his initial, the nerve of the guy, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s to remind himself of what milk is hjis so he doesn’t use mine again.

At some chocolate digestives instead of cheese sandwiches.


13 thoughts on “Preparation

      • Son, if you were self-aware, you wouldn’t be threatening to piss in people’s drinks because they used your name. You also wouldn’t be facing a criminal prosecution for being a creepy stalker bastard.

        Seriously, self-aware is pretty much the opposite of what you are. You’re solipsistic. You’re completely self-absorbed, to the point where you cannot function in normal society because you view all social rules as an attack on you.


  1. No one could ever be comfortable being friends with you, because you’d do something extremely heinous and disgusting like piss in their drink for some imagined slight or no reason at all. The sad thing is that you think this is an ok way to behave. Please go and see a psychologist because something is seriously broken in your mind.


      • It was bullshit. No one fucked with you. You just overheard them mention your name and you are about to piss in their drinks. You are mentally ill. You shouldn’t be telling your GP you have social anxiety. You should tell your GP that when you overhear your flatmate mention your name, your first impulse is to urinate in their drinks.

        It’s funny how you are concerned about leading your GP to believe you are worse than you are. In reality you are much more ill than you are making out.


  2. Hey mate first reply I’ve been reading from the start and have been following your blog and have fetl terrible for you but just know that I’m thinking about you and you have my suppport and you’re going to smash that court case lad.


    • Thanks, you’re right. My solicitor must have thought of of something when he entered an innocent plea without consulting me.

      Also thought about it myself an the act says I had to have pursued a COURSE of action which caused fear/alarm, a course is more than one instance however I wasn’t notified after the first instance that my behaviour caused distress, so it was maybe reasonable for me to continue.

      One of the things I was shown was a Facebook message that my ex-roommate screencapped, the conversation was polite, if she was feeling something then she would have told me to fuck off. In the stalking cases I have read, there is usually more interaction between the parties and the guilty party persues much more aggressively and inspire of the victims pleas to ease off.


      • You can later change an innocent plea to a guilty plea with no consequences. The same isn’t true of the reverse. He entered an innocent plea not for faith in you or secret knowledge of the facts but because that’s standard procedure.


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