High & Home


Got high yesterday (on my own, legal high, detective). Felt pretty relaxed for a while, just mellow, a good feeling, bit overrated, it’s nice but a feeling I can live without. Felt numb but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, helped with the whole feeling relaxed thing. Started feeling unwell around maybe the 3 hour mark and I threw up and felt like shit after 4 hours. Went to sleep as I wasn’t feeling up to much, it was late anyhow, regular tiredness probably factored.

Also returned by McDonalds uniform, it was uneventful, didn’t see anyone I knew apart from the teenage I girl I called overweight and another rude large female, yeah, the bastards won, too scared to use more colourful terms. The manager I spoke to was friendly as usual, asked if there was anything else. I mumbled something about delivering a thank you message to my trainer. The beta blockers don’t do shit under real pressure. I was hoping for a bit of drama if I’m honest, getting an opportunity to clear the air.


Bought a cheap one way ticket home a while ago, thought I’d go home if the job hunt was fruitless. I could do with a change of scenery and I had the ticket so I bit the bullet and got on the train. Watched Boardwalk Empire for 6+ hours. My dad picked me up at Manchester Piccadilly station, he was chipper, it wasn’t all that unpleasant speaking to him, he knew what he could ask and when to lay off, very soft. He got me a kebab on the way back, it’s Ramadan though and he’s fasting. Told him I got fired from McDonalds, he didn’t know what fired meant, thought I was referring to an actual fire, didn’t bother explaining it thoroughly, made a weak attempt at explaining that I didn’t actually “stalk” anyone, it’s just the name of the act. I shouted a lot during it.

Home was nice, gave my little sisters hugs and turns out my brother was playing Hearthstone too, had a couple of games with him and spoke to him about the game. Spent the rest of the day sitting in the corner with my tablet while my mother would bring me food occasionally, she was also too upbeat.

Showed both of my parents my beta blockers, guess I was looking for sympathy.

B&Q knocked me back again. KFC are still interested.

Felt a little slow and groggy all day, likely due to lack of sleep, it was an early train.

I’m enjoying it at home so far but I’m sure the novelty will wear off soon.


5 thoughts on “High & Home

    • Not exactly

      We’ve always being non-practising Muslims for the most part. My dad kinda turned onto it a bit more about 4 year ago (fasting and Friday prayers)

      Tried to get me to come with him on Fridays during holidays, went a few times but told him to fuck off and let me sleep eventually


  1. Your pop doesn’t speak good English and you don’t speak Pakistani. How’s communication between you guys, do you feel like there’s a barrier there?


    • Not terrible, not great, he can understand most common English and I can get what he’s saying through the few English words he drops into his sentences.

      Yeah, definitely a barrier, I don’t think it’s worth talking to him, he wouldn’t be able to truly understand me and his response would be of low quality.


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