NEET Holiday

New enemy, I was wrong to be angry at immigrants for making it more difficult for me to get a job. The problem is the employers themselves, I have seen multiple establishments keep adverts for vacancies in the windows weeks after I handed my CV to them. It’s possible that there is something wrong with me, 50+ employers snubbing me, I’m the constant in the equation but I don’t know what’s wrong with me in their eyes, so I don’t know how to fix it.

Thinking about some other stuff, want to keep my thoughts on that in order, purge my mind perhaps, might make a private blog.

The days are still even more boring than usual, I’m on my tablet every waking hour with the TV on in the background occasionally.

Watching the soaps, some quality qts, not rage inducing like viewing normies in the real world, it was pleasant, standard regular appreciation type emotions. Found a character who was somewhat relatable.

Not left the house since I came back. Possibly a flashforward to my NEET future.


9 thoughts on “NEET Holiday

  1. Take your little sister to a fucking movie or something man. Do anything it doesn’t matter, just get out of the house

    And what happened to the amusement park that contacted you about a job? did you even bother to return their call??


    • Didn’t call them back, must not have been important if they haven’t tried again. Will go down on the time and date the specified during the first call.

      I’m gone on the Saturday, and on work experience from 3-7.30, not really a good time to do it but she did say she wanted to watch The Avengers


  2. Are you planning to join ISIS or are you just going to do a regular old killing spree. I guess what I am saying is do you crave structured chaos or just chaos?


    • The only thing stopping me from doing anything of any nature is not knowing how.

      Don’t like ISIS, don’t know how to join so haven’t seriously considered it

      Don’t know how to get guns or make a bomb or how to use For efficiently or where to download the Al-Queda bomb making magazine/manuals so that has also had limited consideration by me

      Chaos isn’t about the individual overseeing the chaos but how the affected parties feel

      (Detective, this is just banter between friends)


  3. The Polish girl thinks about you often, probably every day. In a way you may be one of the central male characters in her life at the moment. Sure, she resents you. But the fact remains that you hold real estate in her head. You somehow need to turn the negative emotion into something more positive. Learning her native tongue would be an overwhelming guesture of apology IMHO.


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