Almost over

Spent almost the entire day to myself, was bored, time flows even more slowly here when I’m alone. Mum is disappointed I’m leaving so soon. It was difficult to explain why I wanted to leave.

Did get a little triggered looking over some stuff, thought about those individuals I was obsessed over, it hurt. Feeling better now.

My sister is doing some teaching course, on placement right now, recalled a story of how she handled a fat kid and unhealthy reward treats. Despite being critical of obese people I don’t think her treatment of the situation was correct, felt bad and let her know it, my mother agreed with me.

Said I would take my youngest sistersto to the cinema tomorrow, not sure if I will follow through.


5 thoughts on “Almost over

  1. please do these 3 things:

    1. take your sister to the movie tomorrow. this is important.

    2. Buy your mother flowers. She deserves this. It will mean a lot to her

    3. Tell you father that you acknowledge and appreciate his concern for you. Tell him it means a lot


    • Done 1, 2 would be odd, I think she is just happy cooking for me, she knows I love her.

      Will tell my dad “thanks for caring” or some shit when he drops me off at the train station


    • I have 3 sisters, one at uni, two in high school (twins).

      I think I got hooked on those Polish girls because they looked like my sister (the one at uni) and another female I know, there was a sense of familiarity. I’m not sexually attracted to my sisters or women in general, that’s why I didn’t care much for the objectively more attractive females in my class.


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