Anxious about leaving now, I’m feeling comfortable here now. Little harder to unwind but I have no responsibilities which can be nice.

Took my little sisters to watch Jurassic World, used to take them occasionally when they were younger, not sure why I stopped. Probably because it was a hassle. Didn’t like the film, characters were too flat, when characters are paper thin they seem like normies, normies situations and exchanges make me feel unpleasant emotions. I like the original Jurassic Park a lot, this film was a completely different beast. Good to have done an activity togehter, I’m sure.

I sorted out the tax credits shit, fucked up that neither of them thought of the simple compromise of splitting the amount they’re entitled to. Mum brought me some food to take back with me. She had me leave the house earlier to get 2lbs of lamb mince meat from the cash & carry. I just wore what I had on, that happened to be a black and white Naruto T-shirt, I wore it unironically and then ironically for a while but it’s been relegated to being worn only a few times a year indoors now since I’ve learned better. Wore a jacket too, there was light drizzle. A girl giggled as she walked passed me, pretty sure she looked at me, I zipped up. At the cash & carry I forgot if my mother asked for 2 pounds or 2 kilos so I left the queue and went back home empty handed.

Got a two 60 gold quests on Hearthstone in a row.

Need to get some interests, my placement year really fucked me up, it was anime before that but it stripped me of much of my free time, it’s been difficult getting back into it all. My lack of interests is probably why I drifted onto /sp/, /r9k/ and /brit/.

Sister and a cousin are heading to Tunisia in a month or so. Little worried it hope they aren’t and enjoy their holiday without looking over their shoulders.

Mum wanted me to visit my gran since she isn’t well and I haven’t seen her for a year. I wasn’t feeling up to it, I would just say “hi” and sit down for half an hour. We were apparently close when I was younger, I can’t speak the same language as her so not sure how, feel bad but would likely feel bad for disappointing her too.

There’s a “shisha & sports bar” opening on Eid near my house, sounds cool. Never tired shisha, not interested in it but I like the idea of a sports bar, that’s apparently what /sp/ was simulating.


8 thoughts on “Bye

    • I’m uncomfortable talking about race, I don’t try to think about it.

      No one says “European”, it’s your country specifically as all European nations have. distinct cultures.


  1. the characters in Jurassic World were intentionally two dimensional. The film was all about the concept and the special effects. Was good but not great IMHO. 3.5 stars


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