My train was at 6am, dad drove me to the station early as usual. My little sister woke up go see me off too, I didn’t realise and I don’t understand why she cares so much. Tried talking to her and touching her a bit so she knew I appreciated it. Dad asked for my address, I told him to fuck off, he wants to come up, I am certain. Mum gave me a bag of snacks for the ride and to eat while there, had most of my birthday chocolate left too. Was anxious about leaving, had to masturbate twice. Didn’t get much if any sleep due to the early departure time.

Trait journey was not fun, tried watching Boardwalk Empire on my tablet but I was feeling to sick and drowsy the whole trip, the journey to 7 hours the only positives were the qts and feet, there was one female walking around Manchester Picadilly barefoot, one with electric blue hair outside the bathroom, tights across me and one wearing the same footwear as her in my favourite pic. Figured out it’s not so much certain girls can’t pull of tights well, it’s more I like them sheer and hate anything too opaque. I was greatful to be able to rest when I got home. I slept for 6 hours, masturbated too because I felt like doing some weird stuff and needed to get it out of my head.

Chad flatmate could be heard cleaning the entire house, heard his parents arrive later and him leave. Guess that makes me the odd one out again. The scumbag didn’t realise I was back and while he was cleaning the place he tried to open my door (left unlocked when I left, since been locked from the inside while I’m in as usual). Guess that means it’s not that uncommon to enter your housemates rooms while they are out or just the he’s filth

Woke up at around 8 and noticed an email from my previous landlord/roommate, he wanted my address to send me a cheque for my deposit (Told him to do a bank transfer, it’s neater and mor common) and for my student number, presumably again, apparently the council is asking for it. Think I’m liable for a bit during the period I’m suspended from uni, one of the reasons I didn’t want to stay up here too long without a job.

Had 2 beta blocker tablets today because I was feeling particularly anxious.

Start work tomorrow, or the trial at least. Need black shoes, will wear my black office shoes as I don’t have the strength or will to go to ASDA and buy work shoes with grip for £25.

There was some cultural fair going on in the town centre, it was also hot and aa Saturday. Did not appreciate hoew it brought all the normies out. I had to observe them for some time while waiting for the bus with milk and cereal in hand (need change for the bus so had to buy something, needed it anyway).

If I don’t get regular work, I’m ending my tenancy at the end of July.


8 thoughts on ““Home”

  1. Still astonished at how much of a baby you are. Your parents make so many attempts and offers at helping you and you actually told your dad to fuck off, your an absolute asshole mate and the sooner you see a therapist the better.

    Also you are in complete denial of not being a bad person, because you are a fucking terrible person.


    • To be completely honest I would rather be a “bad person” than a pathetic, naive beta, there’s pride in that. Unfortunately though I am not a bad person, it’s not in my nature to hurt others.


  2. locking your door from the inside when you are home is pretty weird, whereas locking it when you are away for a few days is understandable

    did Chad say why he was going into your room? If not, a little splash of warm urine in his favorite beverage might be in order!


  3. do it poleaboo.

    Chad used your bowl. He put you cutlery in his
    mouth. He pokes around your room when you aren’t home…

    He deserves to drink your piss even more than the other guy. And remember, there’s no harm done if he never finds out lol


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