Workin’ 11 to 6

Started my new job today as a ride operator at an amusement park, it’s a small one, only 13 rides, mostly for kids. I got to the area a little early so I bought myself a £1 sandwich and a bottle of water to increase the chances of the day going well. I said job but really it was a trial. Arrived there, introduced myself to the desk, the seemingly Polish woman at the reception misheard my name, it was very loud in the bowling alley/arcade, I had to spell it out for her. I know I was speaking clearly, whose mind does it even cross that a name contains the letter “Z”?

Around an hour later I get to meet the leader of the team I’ll be working in. There was a little confusion regarding where he wanted me to wait and I sat on a wet bench for a period. Spend half an hour or longer filling out forms with him. My prospective contract is zero-hours and rate of pay is minimum wage less NI & PAYE, unhappy about the PAYE deduction as I will not be earning above the nil rate band and I will likely not be receiving a refund (I did not when working my placement). The leader guy, who looks like Jeff Goldblum currently made a joke, felt I was dense enough that it needed to be explained that he was joking (it kinda did tbf).

They put me on a ride with a trainer, easy enough, there are only a few button, start, stop, raise bar, lower bar, power off. Use 3 of the buttons, the stop is only for special situations, the ride will stop naturally just from pushing the start button alone. I asked a few questions of my own regularly to make it sound like I was focused. Received compliments from my trainer which I enjoyed. Handled a young man with autism well, saw old him to raise his hand if he felt uncomfortable on the ride and that I’d be watching him the whole time, I smiled a lot at him, was told later that I receive praise from customers. Felt good again. My trainer was friendly, spoke to me a lot, told me everyone in the team was friends with each other, they walk down to the bus stop together, the job is all about banter. Took 2 tablets in the morning, anxiety wasn’t much of an issue, I just didn’t know how to respond to some of the things she was saying or how to start a new conversation when the old one had died. Good work, easy stuff, I’m good at it, everyone knows it, not so good socially. Told her about McDonalds, no specifics. Had to tell everyone to raise their hands before lowering the bar, H&S, Alton Towers etc. Many people went on the ride multiple times, some of them started parotting me and giggling, my trainer said the same thing, I’m not sure why they did that, felt a little like I was being mocked and a little like I had made a positive impression. My trainer said she would have no problem with me operating this ride on my own, I really had done a good job and made a positive impression on some people.

She took me around to meet everyone later, they’re all friendly too, this seems to be normal for people. Turns out I’m the third oldest person working in the team ignoring the leader and supervisor, the other two are much older than me. Not liking this, feels pathetic. I was only hired because they are severely understaffed and desperate to fill the shortage quickly, a blow to my self esteem, it’s just like McDonalds. Team meeting at the end of the shift, the park will be open 7 days a week for 6 weeks over the summer holidays, people had the option of working more days, up to 7 though the team leader thought it unlikely people would be capable of that. I was the only one who said 7. People turned around to look at me. Felt like a big shot. Might need a couple of days off to visit home again so probably shouldn’t have done that. There was some shit about photographing the rota with phones but I ignored that, same time next weekend, not sure if they were talking about the first full week and I blanked. I left the room and went home. Forgot to clock out.

Learned my lesson, not going to slag anyone off, going to steer way clear of that minefield, don’t want to lose my job. Will be sparce on the details, no negative shit, no opinions on the quality of the qts. Reading her comments, I guess she does care in her own way. The other one though is a lost cause, she didn’t reply to my apology, she went and reported me straight away, no chance of opening a dialogue with her, ever.

Lost my bus ticket, had to fork out an addition £2.60. No change so it went upto £3.00.

Got another missed call from the unknown caller, was working at the time so couldn’t answer it. Curious who it could be, they refuse to text me. Must be an employer. Worried who it could be also.

Knackered. Absolutely shatter. Stood in the blazing sun for hours in my office shoes (which need a clean). I am in pain.

Chad left the house early today and did not return. His motorcycle is gone and the door to his room has been left wide open. It’s interesting, shows he doesn’t value his own privacy, he has no barriers, that’s why he acts the way he does. It’s a two way street, I don’t like it much, but it is fair. Unless he pulls some other shit, I’ll leave him be. Other reason I’m cutting him slack is that I read urinating in his drink counts as poisoning or something similar. He has a box of beer in the kitchen, wonder of he had a party while I was away? The bathroom door has been fixed, it no longer squeaks.

£1500 is the amount of money I’ll be making over the 6 weeks, around about there anyway, should cover 3 months of rent and food. Big weight off my mind, plan on feeling good until my next shift this weekend.

Poundland is also hiring a sales assistant, weekends, 16 hours, shame I currently have a job, would have been worth a punt.


9 thoughts on “Workin’ 11 to 6

  1. I think you might lose the job as soon as your new employer will find this blog. You should’ve deleted it. Everybody makes mistakes in life, but people who want to become better, don’t want their embarrassing past to be brought up over and over again. They learn from the past and then they move on. You hold on to your blog against everybody’s advice, and this is gonna bite you in the ass.


    • They’re still short staffed, no chance I’m getting fired easily.

      Even less chance of me giving up this blog, paid too high a price for keeping it this long, would all be for nought if deleted now. More importantly though it is central to my life, it reminds me I exist.


  2. Chad probably fucked his gf on your bed during the party. Most likely was trying to get in during cleaning to make sure he got rid of all those used condoms he left sitting on your pillows. Also probably planned the party as soon as he knew you were leaving so his weird paki roommate wouldn’t be around to creep out any qts he invited over.


  3. why don’t you get the PAYE back if you earn below the minimum threshold? you are entitled to it. Look into that I thought you were an accounting student!


    • I’m incompetent as fuck, that’s why I liked working a basic job aat McDonalds.

      Turns out I need to fill out a P50, probably knew this last year but forgot waiting for my P45, need to find that…


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