Neither Chad nor Chinese Chad are here at the moment, guess it’s their turn to visit home. Suspect Chad might have been involved in a car accident, it’s so strange to leave your bedroom door wide open while you leave town. It’s earsplittingly quiet, it’s driving me mad just like the ruckas back home.

Stayed home all day, chest hurts, likely the result of poor diet and lack of exercise. Ate cereal, hummus, cheese sandwiches and some of the chocolate my mum packed for me. Couldn’t find anything to watch other than Boardwalk Empire which is no longer entertaining. Spent a few hours looking for femdom videos on a private tracker, found some adequate stuff, should keep me busy for a day or two even though I felt terrible after ejaculating.

Used my free time to collect some pics, would be much more convenient with a desktop computer or laptop, I’ve help on this long with a tablet, may as well see it through the next 3 months until I get my machine back. Made a discovery, last year I was puzzled when there were absolutely no updates on her page for the 6 months after she added me, it turns out she marked me in such a way that these would be invisible to me. Further confirms she was suspicious of me all along, I don’t understand why though, I didn’t give her much reason to treat me like that, unless she had unpleasant dealings with people similar to myself and I don’t understand why she responded to kindly to me or why she responded to me at all when she clearly wanted nothing to do with me. Always held her up on a pedestal, there are contradictions but I think she is a bad person. She deserved it. I was right with my original thinking. I did nothing wrong, I regret nothing regarding her. To clarify, none of this is regarding my former classmate.

Might make the blog private for a bit, some lads on /brit/ are fucking with me, might try to get me fired.


8 thoughts on “Silence

  1. you should disconnect from all social media. It will just make you feel miserable and like an outsider. There’s a lot of research to suggest this.

    no need to delete the blog. 99% of the content isn’t incriminatory and who is really going to spend hours sifting through it all anyway (unless they have a very good reason to)

    Think about changing the title of the blog and ‘about me’ section though.


    • Yeah, you’re right. I only access social media out of curiosity/nosiness.

      I’m not human garbage, I don’t know what I am, not sure what to change the title to.
      I read the about me section a while ago and it looks pretty fucking back, legally, could do with a summarised vague update.


  2. Just don’t write shit about your workmates/managers like you did at McDonalds and then it probably won’t even matter even if they do see your blog.

    I think if your workmates saw this blog though they would see you in a very different light and would keep their distance.


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