In (The back of the Japs head through his eye socket)

Ex-roommate, the guy whose Ribena I soiled, got back to me regarding my deposit. The slime said he would be deducting £80. £5 for cleaning which is ridiculous considering I left it in better nick than when I moved in. £25 for a new desk chair, I told him this was a joke, the chair was busted when I moved in, I spend the entire year sitting on the bed. £50 because the £50 I chipped in each month towards the electricity bills apparently wasn’t enough, that bastard is clearly scamming me, I had a laptop and used the washer/dryer twice a month, there is no way monthly bills came came in excess of £150, the lying scum. Should ask to see the bills, the filth has been going for a Law ph.D for a while (no real job historically or currently), so I’m a little apprehensive about tangling with him. He is an absolute cunt that deserved to drink my piss and I regret not doing worse before I left, should have stolen some trading cards, vidya or other collectable shit like I originally planned. He is a bad person, I was right about him all along. It doesn’t matter how badly I get fucked, it doesn’t matter how strongly I retaliate, I will always get fucked back tenfold because they all think they can get away with it, think I’m less than them, that my feeling and personal circumstances don’t matter. It’s fucking incredible how all these people who I had either warmed to or forgiven took turns jumping to the top of my enemies lists, revealing themselves as villains far more despicable than I had originally thought.

Spent several hours today, much more than usual, playing Hearthstone, I lost far more game than I won.

Watched one episode of Boardwalk Empire

Was quite quiet today despite roommates being around for most of the day. They were in the kitchen chatting again, I didn’t need to use the kitchen, not strange for me to leave them to it.

Chinese Chad caught me when I woke up, a little after noon, didn’t like that he saw my room. He asked to borrow the backdoor key, all the doors doors are kept open for some reason. Asked if I was going to work today and mentioned he was off to the gym.

Someone came by, probably one of my roommates, said “hi, is anyone in?”, I remained silent.

Little worried about turning up for work on Saturday, not sure where the meeting point is or how I’m expected to start up the day.


16 thoughts on “In (The back of the Japs head through his eye socket)

  1. Would you say you are hot headed, have a bad temper, and what do you think is the best way to deal with anger? Personally I find exercise (running, swimming, and cycling) helps me to cool off but I’d like to know what you think, what works for you.


      • The action you take does not make a difference to whatever it is you find annoying about them. The cycle will continue to repeat itself.


      • I feel it’s impossible to let it go because I don’t want to let go of my resentment towards people, I feel like that would mean I lose


  2. Your former flatmate sounds like a bit of a cunt. But just remember why you pissed in his drink man. It wasn’t to make him mad (as he will never know) – it was to make you feel better when he wrongs you! So he now wants to shake you down for a few dollars? Big deal. So what. Just remember that he thirstily swallowed your fetid urine. You got that over him, so this other thing doesn’t really mean so much.

    Anyway, did he make you sign a condition report when you moved in? If not you don’t need to pay for the chair. For the other stuff just send him an email and say you think he’s asking too much and offer him a lesser amount.


    • He’s got my deposit, he’ll take whatever he wants. I signed a document guaranteeing the condition of the furniture, didn’t take any pics, nothing I can really do about it but I think he’s trying to fuck me over to make up for not putting a notice period into the lease.


  3. Pay him his money and let him know he’s a piss drinker. What good is revenge if they don’t know what you’ve done? How is anyone going to learn not to mess with you unless you’ve taught them what you’re capable of?
    Send the baby his money with a note informing him that he greedily gobbled down your fermented piss.


  4. Mate i hate to say you are really terrible person pissing in some one’s drink or doing something with the toothbrushes all that is just disgusting. put your self in their situation and think for a minute you Paki that if someone has done the same shit with you ?? how would it feel?? would you enjoy or became angry??.
    I really do not understand if you do have a bloody problem living with people why the hell you just do not find a place to you own so you do not need to do all the evil things to other. I really feel bad for your roommates they even didn’t know what the hell have you done with their toothbrushes that’s more than disgusting you.
    mentioning something like why my sister do care about me you asshole sisters always do care about their brothers you probably do not know but the culture or as i can say your Pakistani culture although you are not Pakistani but yeah Paki would be fine where elder brothers been seem like a father figure but i am ashamed of you seeing that you manage to disgust that beautiful relationship.
    Believe me you really need to seek professional help and sooner you do it will be better for you and others as well.


    • I live with people because it’s cheaper than living on my own (far too expensive)
      I got some help on how to ask for help, should have made a note of it, will look through the archives for the post, might follow through, for the sake of the court case


  5. Poleaboo is ethnically Pakistani but he was born and raised in the UK. He has very little connection to the homeland of his parents. Indeed, he is as westernized as any anglosaxon person of the same age. All of the things you consider as central to your Pakistani identity – religion, Ramadan, familial ties – mean less than nothing to Poleaboo.


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