Met up with my friend today, I wasn’t really up for leaving the house today but he encouraged me. It’s good to know you’re not alone, one of the main reasons I maintain this blog these days. Not too happy he said that it’s unlikely the university will have me back, that their decision hinges on the outcome of the court case, bit hypocritical to be fair, I don’t like people being overly positive either. Not sure what I want to hear.

We might drink to commemorate my birthday at some point. Prefer the buzz you get from drinking to the mellow lethargic feeling I seem to get from getting (legal) high.

Got a haircut, said “number 2 on the back and sides and short up top”, there was no more talking. Perfect. Bought safety shoes for work, needed something comfortable given the amount of time I will be working. They cost £20, the haircut and the shoes are an investment, working 7 days a week is supposed to be tough, they’ll ensure I won’t break easily.

BetweenBetween leaving my friends place and getting a haircut I was on the bus and encountered my Chinese roommate, we were able to talk for the 10 minutes we were on the bus. Told him about my job, he told me that he had just dropped his gf off at the airport and that was why he was wearing a suit, I said that was sweet. He is a Chad because he is quite tall for his race. Easy to pick out of a crowd.

Bought some groceries while out shopping too. Chad roommate and his gf were in the kitchen though so I had to keep my shit in my room for a few hours. Chad did see me and we spoke regarding the landlord coming to collect garden tools in the morning, he must think I’m strange, he saw me with my bags. Chinese Chad joined them for a while, there was laughter, I couldn’t make out what they were saying so I can’t learn from this or know anything more about roommate on roommate interactions.

Chinese Chad and Chad both had their gfs stay over last night, I don’t want a gf, I just don’t like being mocked, too feel belittled. This morning I took their toothbrushes and gave the toilet bowl a once over. I’m not as upset now as I was then and I can see that type of behaviour is inappropriate or at least disgusting. Didn’t like how he left his and his gfs motorcycle helmets on the table and I don’t understand why they have to spend hours in the kitchen.

I don’t like Chad.

I do like Chinese Chad.


20 thoughts on “Out

  1. What the fuck is wrong with you? What did either of your flatmates do to deserve their toothbrushes being put down the pan?

    Your a disgusting human! You understand what your doing is wrong, you previously wrote that the chads were good guys and you liked them and now, all of a sudden, you hate them?

    I understand you say you like Chinese Chad, but i feel if that’s true perhaps his toothbrush wouldn’t have taken a trip down the fucking toilet!

    You are what’s wrong with this world.


    • Sorry, poor writing from me.

      It was Chad and his gfs toothbrushes I tampered with. I didn’t touch Chinese Chads, he offends me less, he and his gf spend much less time in the communal area.

      I regretted it quite soon after I did it.


  2. Do you think you’d like it if you were a trap and the Chads used your boipucci when their gfs weren’t around? They’d probably engage with you more often and make you the centre of attention. You wouldn’t have to worry about hiding your things or going to the bathroom, they’d like seeing you.


  3. What? You don’t want a gf? You’re clearly jealous of chad and chinese chad for having a gf.

    Did they say something about you not having a gf?


    • They didn’t say anything but I know they’re holding negative views of me.

      The only reason I would want a gf is to pose as a normie.

      It’s not jealousy, I don’t necessarily want what they have, I just don’t like them having something I don’t.


  4. You arent interested in a GF because you don’t want the constant human interaction. OK that makes sense.

    You don’t like to be excluded from things. Like when they laugh in the kitchen or do badminton etc. Perfectly reasonable. Nobody likes that.

    And you don’t like it when they cross you boundaries and encroach on your personal space, such as when they use you cutlery or enter your room uninvited. This is completely natural.

    You are 100% justified in urinating in their drinks and smearing shit on their toothbrushes man. As you said previously, if they don’t ever know what’s the big deal anyway?


  5. My friend has been a dick since his mom died so I took your advice, and the last time I was at his place I pissed in his drink. Made me feel a lot better and now we can go on being friends again.

    Thanks Poleaboo


  6. If you don’t like something they’re doing have you ever considered telling them that instead of your secret protest? If it’s not a big enough deal to be worth mentioning it to them then ignore it…


  7. That’s not normal behavior, by far. Try talking to them if something bothers you. Besides, the kitchen is usually a public/shared room (unless you have some special rules in your flat), it’s their good right to spend their time in there (also dunno if you have a living room, so it could serve as a replacement). As it is yours, by the way, no matter whether the others are present or not.
    What you did to them was disgusting and not justified at all (“I feel belittled”doesn’t count;unless they said something specific to mock you, but even then there are better ways to react) Pray they won’t find this blog or you probably can search for a new room.


    • I regret it.

      I don’t like hearing their voices, it went on for over an hour so it got to me. I would have been fine if they weren’t around for so long, they just ground away at my patience.


      • I genuinely hope things get better for you so you stop doing these sorts of things. You can do well at the theme park, nobody knows a thing about your past (apart from what you may have told them). Next time you feel yourself getting upset or losing your patience with your flatmates, why not try going outside for a stroll or something. If they are in the kitchen and making noise, and you’re getting annoyed try doing something that will take your mind off it. Hope you don’t mind the suggestion. Again I hope things get better all round.


  8. Considering you know that the detective reads this blog now why would you even post that you did that to their toothbrushes?

    It’s not really helping your court case is it when they will probably bring all this shit up during your trial.


    • Nah, they can’t use anything from the point after Inwqs arrested.

      Detective can’t prove the toothbrush thing and even though he said this blog is monitored, I get the feeling he doesn’t care about me. Ii used to anticipate our next meeting but I’ve since accepted it’s not going to happen.


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