Skipped the shower today. Went I entered the kitchen I was disgusted to find Chad had used my spoon again, there are twenty or so spoons in the drawer, property of Chinese Chad, I believe, Chad is clearly searching out my spoon specifically, he knows it isn’t his spoon, none of the spoons are his. This action is unforgivable, there is no excuse for it. I don’t know how I’m going to get back at him, nothing too much, he seems like the kind of guy who’d make enquiries and could and would kick my ass.

Chad says”hello?” whenever he returns to the house, it’s a regular thing, I don’t answer I don’t know what he’s expecting. Me to come out of my room, say hello and ask him how is day was, like a bitch? Fuck that and fuck him for making me feel uncomfortable.

Playing Hearthstone, gotten back to form, bought the first wing of BRM after completing Naxx last week. Grinding gold and buying solo adventures feel like accomplishments, it’s what I’m working towards, living for.

Not eating much, don’t have an appetite, the red Leicester isn’t for me, will stick to Cheddar in the future. I’m nervous about tomorrow, I don’t know how to start these day off, where to meet, who to talk to, how to set up. My trainer from last week told me to wait outside and she’d get me a timecard but she doesn’t have any authority and it’s a big place, outside is too vague.

Roommates and Chads gf were in the kitchen talking loudly, made me anxious, not angry. Whenever I hear people about I’m afraid they’ll knock on my door. I like being comfy when I’m on my own. Chad managed to piss me off again, he opened a cupboard door and remarked “on, bananas! Do you want one?” He knows they’re not his bananas, I don’t understand why he thinks this sort of behaviour is acceptable. I would take something of his to balance the scales but he’d notice. I don’t understand the way this guy thinks, it’s probably some sort of Chad mentality, he feels he can take whatever he wants from lesser beings, he’s fucking wrong though, Chad can take what he wants from the normies and the betas but I don’t care about hierarchy, I don’t want his approval, he can go hang for all I care,I get him back for this, he won’t know I despise him but he will now that he isn’t a god, the world isn’t his playground, people don’t exist to service him.

Did some washing.

Need to stay off 4chan for a while, it’s for discussing life and media, I need to indulge in more media and possible life before I return, I’ve drifted onto the general discussion type threads and boards because there isn’t anything specific I want to talk about or am interested in. The anime thing, I start watching shows from this season before looking back, Plastic Memories was supposed to be a big hit.


17 thoughts on “Tension

  1. I was under the impression you worshiped chads/alphas, the way you go on about them sometimes. What this guy’s doing is typical Chad behaviour (or ‘chad mentality’ as you called it). Obnoxious, selfish, egotistical, arrogant (you should love it). You despise betas but they would probably treat you much better, or at least with more consideration and respect – and not because they would view you as being ‘superior’ to them (which you may think), but simply for the fact they aren’t full of themselves. You assume being a chad automatically makes a guy superior to ‘betas’ and ‘normies’. IMO someone who treats others with greater consideration and is just a genuine decent person is ‘superior’ and that comes down to the individual, not simplistic labels or categories you impose on them. ‘Alpha’, ‘beta’ and ‘omega’ are terms used by simpletons in an attempt to simplify or generalise complexities existent within human society (only reason I am making use of these terms here is to communicate with you better). These lazy minds for all intents and purposes are unwilling or unable to deal with people at an individual level. Much easier to slot people into categories and stereotypes prematurely within the mind than actually getting to know them. You should probably just answer the Chad’s ‘Hello’ every time since you may not realise it but you already are his ‘bitch’. In general, you lick ‘chad’ balls (one of your posts is entitled ‘chads=gods’, just one of many examples of you overglorifying them). Specifically you are too much of a pussy to actually confront him about the bananas, spoons etc. You talk about hierarchy, betas, normies etc. but you are right at the bottom – whether you are willing to admit this or not is another topic altogether. Agree with you on one thing, people don’t exist to service him, so put him in his place.


    • I hear you, I need to fuck with this guy at every opportunity. Not going to post my thought process here since it might get me in trouble prematurely.

      Regarding Chads and betas, you’re half right, they’re both animals, I don’t want to bother with either of them.


  2. Chad is trying to claim you, and the things you ‘own’, as his property. If this were prison you would be fellating him regularly. Perhaps this is something you’d enjoy or another fantasy you’ve had?


  3. Chad helps himself to your things / monopolizes public space / treats your room as though it’s his own – all as a display of dominance. He just wants you to acknowledge his alpha-status within the household. it’s like a baboon sprays his musky urine scent on his territory as a cautionary guesture to other potential rivals

    You say the Chinese Chad is an alpha too. He isn’t. Chinese Chad is a beta and he has accepted his status in the tribe. Chad wants you to accept
    the next rung down in the hierarchy. But you don’t buy into the system. This is why he identifies you as a threat to the social order of the household


    • Chinese Chad might actually be the most alpha of all, he invades the kitchen when Chad is with his gf. He does care about forming relationships but not for the requirements of others.

      I like Chinese Chad.


  4. Leave a post it note in the kitchen saying ‘Stop stealing others food!’. That’s the normie thing to do and what most people would do.

    Chad will get the message and stop. I don’t think he’s doing it intentionally. He most likely doesn’t realise anybody cares, like you said before he’s a very ‘open’ person.


  5. Don’t know how you can say you aren’t part of the hierarchy. If you really weren’t then you’d do something to teach him to stop messing with you such as urinating in his drink then telling him right after he finishes drinking it or constantly eating his food in front of him. But you’re too afraid, you recognize who wields the power in the house and you don’t want to upset them. The fact of the matter is you are part of the hierarchy, and you’re way at the bottom. Notice how Chad doesn’t fuck with Chinese Chad? It’s because he recognizes Chinese Chad as a legitimate challenger and does not want to be the one to start a power struggle. You on the other hand are just a grocery, utensil, and rent supplier. He probably also enjoys showing his gf how easily he can dominate you.


  6. I think you’d like the comics Astro City and All-Star Superman.
    Sounds stupid but I was a shut in after my brother died and a scene in All Star Superman sort of woke me up to go out and live my life.


    • Read All-Star, loved it, didn’t inspire me though. I just thought the silver age tribute was neat.
      Morrison is certainly a very talented writer, objectively the best man to be working on capes right now. It’s all too much for me usually though.
      I’m more Geoff Johns.


  7. >Chad says”hello?” whenever he returns to the house,

    The bastard.

    >it’s a regular thing, I don’t answer I don’t know what he’s expecting.

    Basic human manners?

    >Me to come out of my room, say hello and ask him how is day was, like a bitch?

    Exactly right.

    >Fuck that and fuck him for making me feel uncomfortable.

    Maybe you’re making him feel uncomfortable by refusing to acknowledge him. I hope he pisses in your Coco Pops to teach you a lesson.


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