Got up earlier than yesterday, around half past 8, showered, shirt was still a bit damp but fortunately it dried up while Imwas wearing it, the weather was pleasant today. I managed to attach the clip on tie properly myself. While waiting for the bus I noticed someone wearing the same uniform as me, I acknowledged him, we spoke a little and walked to the park togehter, we didn’t have much choice. I will try to avoid him tomorrow, leave later, I was a little early today.

Sat in the staff room for a while, pretending to be on my phone. The other guy did try to include me in his conversation with the girls from another department. Fortunately there was WiFi when we moved to loiter outside. I don’t like that I chose o sit apart from everyone else but I wouldn’t be comfortable any other way. There was talk of giving me a nickname again. Apparently I made an impression on everyone by opting to work 7 days a week.

I had a short training stint on the small children’s rollercoaster, there was more to it than just pushing the “start” button. I fucked up. Need to adjust the pressure to slow it down when necessary (start of every lap). I kept going to strong and stopping the ride entirely. Trainer wasn’t very interactive, no feedback, felt down. Was at it for less than an hour, apparently the other ride I was trained on required 8 hours of training so I shouldn’t be expected to get it straight away.

Through no fault of my own I was moved back to the other ride to be officially assessed, it went well, the questions were generic. Bumped into the operations director during my 20 minute break, he remembered my name, made me feel like I mattered, just finished with the schedule for next week, I had been put down for 6 days, guess the team leader didn’t think I could hack 7. I have Thursday off, I’m on the ride I’m trained to be on every day.

It’s easy work, feet kill at the end of the day since I spend 7 hours standing up. Can’t help but notice the cunny, there were these two that dressed and acted in a way that grabbed my attention. Only a few rides at the park so people ride the same rides a dozen times, you build a rapport with the customers. Smiles, thank yous, banter. The cunny had some requests, I told them I had no power to speed up the ride or change the music. They were giggling at on point, felt it might have been directed at me. Felt good to make people happy, I generally like working here for the same reason I liked working at McDonalds, bringing joy to others improves me self esteem by attaching my usually worthless existence to theirs.

Kids rush me sometimes when getting on the ride. Don’t get a chance to check their heights or wristbands. Parents push me onto letting their kids who are below the minimum height requirement onto the ride. I’ve let more than a few small kids and unaccompanied children onto the ride, a few have started crying, forcing me to stop the ride. Only worried a manager might see my errors.

Lot of Poles around too.

Don’t like seeing young couples.

Turns out that autistic kid who I helped is an employee, he goes on rides during his break.

At the end of the day, shutting down the ride and locking up, I dropped a padlock into a crevice, I switched it with another. Someone noticed almost immediately that a padlock was missing and asked me about it. I seemingly got away with it though I don’t feel like it. Going to have to find that padlock tomorrow, feeling uneasy about it.

Bought Mountain Dew from ASDA, they sell it now, want to see what all the fuss is about, it’s the same price as Lucozade.

At home I was able to cook in peace even though, as I later discovered, someone was home.

Found my bowl in the kitchen sink covered in all sorts of muck. I don’t know what Chad did to my bowl but it looks disgusting, he has left it to sit, so I guess it could be porridge. Not happy that he kept it for so long and not happy that he didn’t clean it, he will have to pay for this, it’s only fair. He also returned the spoon, also in a terrible state.

Shaved the neckbeard. Bought some deodorant.

Chad and Chinese Chad spoke in the kitchen for a while about work, I could have contributed. Too tired to do much of anything right now so anxiety doesn’t really factor.

Been feeling like writing a poem.


5 thoughts on “Galleon

  1. Poleaboo, a typical paki
    Stinks of curry, skin like a blackie
    Hides in his room, each and everyday.
    At least until his Chad roommates go away.

    Oh and speaking of Chad? He takes Poleaboo’s possessions
    Fueling fantasies of vengence, one of Poleaboo’s obsessions
    How would a man react? With confrontation one would think
    But Poleaboo is no man, so he’ll just piss in a drink

    His coworkers snicker behind his back and talk
    “Poleaboo’s so weird, did you know he stole a padlock?”
    “He looked at me again”, a Lithuanian girl might weep
    “I wish he didn’t work here, he’s such a creep”

    He pisses in envelopes, jugs as well
    A room of stale piss, what a strange self imposed hell
    He’ll die alone, hopefully very soon
    This was the story of Poleaboo, an ugly buffoon.

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