A real day off

Day off work today, thought I’d spend it appreciating my free time so more but unfortunately despite downloading a few shows I was only able to find the strength to watch one episode of Plastic Memories and half of Amgai Brilliant Park. Plastic Memories seems like a good show. Bored but no energy, focus or real desire to do anything.

Eid is 18th July, should go home for a short period, it’ll be a good day and everyone will be expecting me. Tickets aren’t cheap and I’d have to submit a holiday request form, could get the weekend off, leave Saturday morning and come back Sunday, don’t really want to do the long train ride, make a bad impression at work or lose out on a bit of cash.

Chad has clearly convinced himself my bowl is his, he is currently using it to defrost chicken. He seaks out my bowl specifically. His behaviour is having a negative effect on me, I’m kicking downwards, using Chinese Chads bowls, his milk and washing detergent. Don’t feel as guilty as I should. I should stick Chads food into another bowl, if he fails to ask me why I did it then I’ll become the alpha of the household.

My back still hurts, it was agony walking down to buy milk, my safety shoes have not yet dried out.

My former roommate made a deposit into my account without replying to my email, he made deductions for the bills which he is claiming came to an average of £165 per month for the three of us and another £25 for the busted chair. The bastard is blatantly stealing from me, he thinks he can get away with it by not replying to my email, essentially just turning his gaze from me, he thinks it’s over and there is nothing I can do about it. I know my first move, ask to see the bills, I know he is bullshitting the numbers, he is struggling financially and thought he was due notice/rent until he found a new tenant so he’s stealing from me to make up the difference. After that I would have established that he’s a fraudster, a thief, a criminal and be will give me what I’m due and then I’ll fuck him up further by calling the filth. He doesn’t read this, he doesn’t know about it so it’s alright to say that I will smash his fucking head in with a hammer (disclaimer, this is just fiction, detective) if he keeps pulling this evasive shit. He is a fat, short, stuttering hapa cunt and I am 100% objectively the good guy here, this bastard wasn’t even on my list of enemies until he revealed himself to be such a slimeball. It’s just not right, he can’t get away with stealing from me. The bills might even be correct but not the replacement chair, there’s no way I can prove that, that’s why he’s doing it. He thinks I’m an easy mark. He’s a coward through and through, he hasn’t replied to the email yet but I know he has read it, I’ve ruined his sleep tonight, it’s a start.

Sent the email just now. “I get off work at 6 so half past would be a good time for me to come around and look over the bills unless you want to scan them over or something, I’d prefer to see hard copies though to be honest.” He’s probably shitting bricks right now.

Ate Doritos and drank Mountain Dew ironically.

Graduation is 14th July.

Thought about vermin some more and remembered that small claim court is also an option. Will print off the forms as soon as I can.


6 thoughts on “A real day off

  1. I must be sheltered (im still living with my parents). I didn’t think going out in to the real world would end up with so many people trying to take advantage / fuck yiu


  2. >I ate doritos nd drank mountain dew ironically

    This blog is just genius!

    Also judge rinder is always an option for your old landlord situation. Hope that gets sorted though!


  3. What if it really *is* his bowl? What if you’re mistaken? What if you gave it to him but forgot that you did it? What if it was never your bowl? What if you’re suffering from autism-induced bowl delusions? That’s a real thing, you know.

    Do not act hastily over the bowl. Or, alternatively, remove the chicken from the bowl, take a steaming dump in it and put it back where it was.


  4. you should really speak with chad and let him know that its your bowl. speak with them mate they are human make friends do the things that you are afraid of rather then being angry on them


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