The working day goes by slowly, it’s frustrating. Not liking seeing other people getting trained on rides while I am stuck only being able to operate one, feel as if I would be first in the chopping block if the fat needed trimming. Operations Director came around and tried chatting with me a few times, not sure what he wanted, maybe since he was the one who interviewed me he wanted to make sure I was a good hire.

The girl who trained me made the joke, “I want my boat back” (the ride is shaped like a boat) more than once, wasn’t sure how to respond to that. She’s nice. I came across as stupid again today, I get a fair bit of space to myself so I left off steam by calling myself stupid out loud.

Some slags gave me a grief, not the half-time slags variety, real slags. Glad I won’t be seeing them again.

While walking home I noticed my colleagues were walking in front of me, one on their own and the others in a group of three. I slowed my walk so I wouldn’t catch up to them, it was tough, they were walking slowly as friends do, had to physically stop and redo my shoe laces. Didn’t like seeing the solo walker merge into the group, that’s probably what I was expected to do.

Bastard ex-roommate is claiming the bills are done “electronically”, not going to threaten him with legal action, want the letter in the post to come as a surprise, he’ll contact me, tip his hand out of desperation.

Chad has marked his milk with his initial again, really pisses me off considering the bowl situation. I marked the underside of the bowl with my initial though I didn’t clean it out, it’s got some chicken slime all over it, Chad should do that. Going to piss in his milk tomorrow, I’m not passionate about this, I’m past anger, this is just the appropriate course of action.

Chad was in the kitchen when I got back from work, watching Sunny on Netflix again. I entered the room immediately, I am confident wearing my work uniform, it’s a talking point. He asked if I was free this weekend, I’m not, I’ll assume the best case scenario was going to come from that conversation thread if I’d answered the other way, I’m happier thinking that. Went into the kitchen later to get my food, no talk this time, he kept his show playing, I didn’t mind the silence. I’ve cooked two different meals in front of Chad so I think he has lost all power over me, the two meals were jacket potato with tuna & coleslaw and battered fish with beans.


13 thoughts on “Dull

  1. Jesus fuck. What points did Chad lose when you cooked in front of him? You’re delusional mate. There are no points. This is not a competition.


  2. Chad is monopolizing public space in the house and taking ownership of poleaboos things. It’s all a dominance display. He might as well unzip his pants, pull out his cock and take a big stinky piss on the kitchen floor to mark the territory with his scent!

    Poleaboo’s other flatmate (the fat fuck) is also a bully but he’s more of a passive-aggressive omega. He doesn’t have the balls to exert dominance overtly like Chad does, so he sends snotty emails and tries to swindle him out of his money on the sly.

    Anyway, it all amounts to the same thing – scumbags trying to benefit at Poleaboo’s expense.


  3. >Going to piss in his milk tomorrow, I’m not passionate about this, I’m past anger, this is just the appropriate course of action.


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