Forget it

Didn’t piss in Chads milk. I went to the bathroom as usual before entering the kitchen and besides I noticed he had washed my bowl. Guess he has one more chance. Hot water didn’t seem to be working.

The regular team leader/department manager was back, the sarcastic guy. He told me to stop taking keys home, I said that it only happened once but apparently I did the same on Wednesday and there was a scramble to find spare keys on the Thursday when I was off. I think I’m being stitched up, I was confident I returned the keys that day as I had made the error of taking them home with me the previous day. A guy also helped me shut down the ride and lock up, I think I might have given the keys to him, he insisted he lock the final padlock. I don’t have the keys at home so that should be the most important indicator when deciding whether or not I’m actually losing my memory. I didn’t get told off, just told. No threats of being fired, just see that it doesn’t happen again, something about docked pay.

Padlock was missing on the control room of the ride I operate, someone had stolen that. Did believe there was a conspiracy against me for a while and I still do. The ride I work on is easy and low maintenance, it’s desirable.

Need to stop letting kids on to the rides, especially now that we have mystery shoppers, could get me fired though I hear we are still short of the desired employee count in the park by around 5 or more. One of the employees, guy who  caught the bus with once, he visited the park on his day off, went on my ride, we had some banter, think it went well, could have been better, it’s just not natural for me to speak.

Team meeting after work, heard another guy got fired for being spotted putting tokens into his pocket. At the end of the meeting the manager mentioned keys and said “you all know who I mean” or something like that. It was nice to be referenced and for everyone to pick up on the reference and look at me. I tried to start a defence “I, uh” and gave up. It’s not my style to throw someone under the bus, besides with no proof it looks pathetic. I appreciate my trainer at McDonalds all the more now. This guy though, I don’t think he’s a bad guy, just spineless.

Walking home I ran into a family from the park, the kids said hi and were excited to see me again. Felt good. I replied well, said I was glad it was quitting time. Then they said they hoped I relaxed well, sitting on the sofa, watching TV. Should have said “thanks” or something, anything instead of silently contributing to to walk past them without a glance.

Ex-roommate isn’t saying much, he’s acting like he is being reasonable and generous. If not for blatantly fucking me over with the chair and repairs I would think maybe he wasn’t trying to rip me off


9 thoughts on “Forget it

  1. The good thing about having a job like this is it really doesn’t matter if you get fired or what they think about you. Don’t let yourself get dragged into the petty politics bro, just laugh it off and keep your perspective.

    Also, it sounds like a good job to hook up with some prime 18 year old ass. Next time you see a pretty girl offer her and her friends a ride for free. Then ask them their names. That’s all you need to do


    • It’s against the rules to ask for phone numbers etc.
      Also legal age in the UK is 16.
      Most importantly though I can’t initiate a conversation with a stranger with the aims of gaining something.
      I’m finding I’m being hostile to the pretty ones especially, don’t want them thinking I’m only being nice to them because I’m some lovestruck beta.


    • That guy insisted on helping me and getting the last lock so he could return the keys for me

      He also has access to the keys locker so he could have returned them but he hasn’t


  2. If you can determine those who keep trying to get you fired, will you piss in their drinks? If you can not satisfactorily determine the culprits, would you be against pissing in everyone’s drinks, sort of like sacrificing the innocent to punish the guilty?


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