Molten Core

Had to interact with my roommates when I returned from work and when I left the bathroom since they were altered to my presence.

Chinese Chad noted I’ve gotten darker, I thought this too. It’s impossible to escape the sun where I work. He said he was tired and I left the room, couldn’t think of anything to say and he didn’t seem like he wanted to chat either. Wish I did have something to say, he has a nice smile. Seems honest.

Chad told me my door was wide open when he got home, it was probably the wind, don’t like that he saw my room, good thing I vacuumed this morning. Put my food in the oven, he was watching something on his laptop, didn’t pause it so I didn’t bother trying to talk to him if he wasn’t going to make the effort either. He was on the phone with his gf for half an hour later.

Noticed most of the guys at work are quite good looking, would have thought it was a hiring policy if not for all the females being not so attractive. Bit intimidating. There’s only the one borderline qt in the entire park area.

Not going home this weekend, just seems to much hassle, not up for a long train ride and I was home less than a month ago. Couldn’t find the time to say I would not be available next weekend at work either.

At work everyone is expected to hand in their phones before starting their shifts. Today I forgot to but when I remembered and was walking towards the managers office I was approached by my former trainer, she asked me what was wrong, I told her I was handing in my phone, she told me no one had handed them in and to “be smart”. I went back to my ride and not 5 minutes later the manager came around collecting everyones phones. Now I look stupid and dishonest.

Not liking the period before work starts, everyone is gathered around in a couple of large groups, I don’t know how to go around penetrating them so I sit on a bench on the edge and check the BBCs football gossip page on my phone. Had to walk a short distance with a guy at the end of my shift, he called us “the last samurai” or something, I just don’t know how to react to jokes. Must have said “yeah” and avoided eye contact.

Had some banter with the manager, he said he wanted to see my put the keys back, in a upbeat tone, I said I wanted him to see me put them back. He said that we are sure to have fun this summer. Looked like an idiot moments later though when I had to sign a register to say I had accepted a rota for next week, I can’t do things, anything without having some idea of what is expected beforehand.

Feet still hurt.

Ate fish and beans again.

Bought my second wing of Blackrock Mountain on Hearthstone.

Buying some weed seeds for unspecific purposes, it’s not illegal.


9 thoughts on “Molten Core

  1. why don’t you try smoking weed more often? It cures boredom and mellows you out. Smoking a few bowls and spending the day at a theme park watching QTs sounds hella fun. You put too much pressure on yourself man. become a stoner and opt-out of the system for a while!


    • £25 for a gram over here, it’s an alright feeling but not that good.
      Might have been because I was with company but I couldn’t get over my anxiety, would like to try it on my own.


      • 25 for a gram seems extremely expensive, even 10/g is pushing it. Plus, weed these days is designed to fuck your head right open, it won’t have the effects you’re expecting from films and whatnot. Hash on the other hand.

        Also you won’t be able to properly grow the plants without a hydroponics setup.


      • I’ve read up, some strains are low maintenance, just plant and water.

        Someone on /brit/ said they heard that was the rate around here too, it’s a wealthy region


      • Which strain seeds did you go for? I’ve had some in a box for a while now, might grow them if you do and we can exchange tips. Not going to invest in hydroponics if you don’t.


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