qts and slags

Got problems speaking clearly and hearing other people it seems. I often asked others to repeat themselves and they asked the same of me.

No qt girls working the rides in the amusement park but there are a couple providing other services like tickets and food. They’re really low tier though. There’s this one who works besides me, I can’t see her usually since she’s in a little structure but when she passes by or I used to get water, we smile at each other. I’ve been doing that a lot recently, smiling at people who I should know when seeing them. Our lunch breaks have more than once been at similar times, should make use of that opportunity if I get it again, say some generic shit about work, probably won’t. Today she spoke to men for the first time, she asked for “blue rolls”, I asked her to repeat herself 3 times before just repeating the phrase back at her, she explained she needed something to dry up a spill. I handed her 4 towels. They were blue. I think it looked strange. She declined the towels but then she marched past several other rides to one of her mates who also worked indoors. Want to think she wanted an excuse to talk to me specifically. I fucked it up though. I consider her a qt because she’s built like a stick.

There was this 16 year old or so slag who went on my ride several times with her friends, she very much looks like the half time variety. Had a bit of banter with her, asked to see her wristband, she said she was just on, then the next time I asked to see her wristband for the third time but then when she was about to I said I was just taking the piss. She asked me to hold onto her change while she rode at a later point, I obliged, she forgot to collect her money afterwards so I sought her out, didn’t think it wise to venture more than a few metres from my ride so I pointed at her and summoned her over and dropped the change into her hand. A 5 pence piece dropped. Neither of us said anything. She and her mates used the ride less frequently from that point on. I liked how she and other females would mouth along to the lyrics of pop songs blaring from the speakers not far from where I operate.

I find it easy to talk to kids. There was this one who stayed on the ride for an hour, think he was autistic too. The kids usually have some respect for me or pretend to like me, I have no respect for them, that’s probably why it’s so easy.they also initiate with me a lot and ask questions.

Leaving I managed to have a decent little exchange with a coworker about vaping after telling them off for littering and smoking. She asked me to do some menial job for her, I said “yes” but then she said she was joking. I must look like a complete idiot, unable to banter but at least she probably thinks I’m a nice, likeable person.

Got trained for about 15 minutes on another ride by the Indian guy before being told to go back to my regular ride. Employee shortage most likely. I thought it was quite easy despite only running through the theory.

Lot of foreigners visiting the park, don’t know why, it’s not exactly Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

No encounters with my roommates for a while now, forget they even exist, except for when Chinese Chad is playing his guitar and singing. Feel relaxed at home now.

Bus stopped outside “Cruise” for a while, they’re still advertising a vacancy, I guess I had a better shot of getting that job than I thought, should have gone to the interview. Only women’s clothes were advertised in the window. Dream job, I love women’s clothes. Might be worth applying to it again.

Don’t give a fuck about the graduation today.


4 thoughts on “qts and slags

    • I’m not referring to women in general as qts but qts
      It can be taken as a compliment but I think it’s simply descriptive.

      Calling females who I deem attractive “qts” is better than saying “I would rape them if I could”


  1. Don’t ‘say’ things to girls – ask them dumb questions (eg. You like working on that ride? You ever come to the park on your day off? etc) Then when they answer act vaguely disappointed / uninterested with their response. Then ask them another question. Throw in an occasional inane comment of your own every so often (eg. I used to like these rides when I was a kid but now they make my belly feel sick etc – whatever It really doesn’t matter.

    Most important thing is to act bored and slightly uninterested in what they say (if they feel you are judging them they will be on back foot and try to impress you) but also to keep the conversation moving. Silence is your enemy. Don’t ‘act’ alpha – just know that your own sense of worth.


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