I love you

Checked in in her, misread the information, thought she had found a proper job, was angry for a short while before realising my mistake. She’s still working part-time for £6.82/hour. I can cope as long as she isn’t successful, I can’t stand the thought of people thinking they’re better than me.

Rewatched some Elliot, some of my earlier sentiments echo his (loneliness, exclusion, missed out on life, anger at those who are happy). I would have been able to see why the police were worried if they had known more about him. I think these words may have also triggered the concern of others.

I work close to the edge of the amusement park. Next to me on the absolute edge is the miniature golf area and the ticket desk for it. A 5/10 girl works in there we’ve passed each other by an exchanged smiles. She’s seen me fill my water bottle from the faucet opposite and trip over a low railing. Yesterday she spoke to me. Today she approached me again, she asked for towels. Harkening back to our exchange yesterday. I was flattered she came to me. Later she returned the towel and offered to dry off my other cloths, I didn’t asks, I barely said anything to her. I appreciate her actions and taking the initiative to speak to me. I have a very slight suspicion she may be attracted to me. It’s slight because the park is crawling with Chads, makes no sense that I would catch her attention.

I do like her an awful lot, she didn’t just speak to me, she did me a favour. I don’t want a gf but if she was only the table I would take her. I don’t know her name but it shouldn’t be too hard to find out, just examine the clocking in cards.

Saw a rather large group of coworkers leaving the premisses togehter after work. Can’t be mad at them, they’re a friendly bunch, I’m excluding myself. More than one girl working at the park has dyed red hair including my girl. Saw one of those red heads walking with the group. I’m trying to convince myself it was the other girl.

Chads gf is joining anti-austerity protests in Greece.

Chad and Chinese Chad spoke for a while late at night today. Sounded like there had been a few events. Got the feeling they were talking about me.

Before they got back home I bought some bathroom cleaner and cleaned the tub like a good cuck. I’m only doing it once because it had to be done, the thing was filthy, it hadn’t been cleaned since before I moved in. Not being a dick, just descriptive, the Chinese guy can be a little unpleasant. I think he cuts his own hair, which isn’t a problem but he did a piss poor job of cleaning up the mess. I do hope the guys appreciate my efforts.

Day off work tomorrow. Gonna pay for the seeds, print off a P50 and small claims court form in town.

The weed thing is a ‘Martin the mints man’ type deal.


12 thoughts on “I love you

  1. “Researched some Elliot, some of my earlier sentiments echo his”

    Dear CID officer keeping an eye on this blog for the upcoming trial, this line right here is your golden ticket in getting this nutter sectioned and detained.


    • No. Don’t know enough about her to even know if I want that. She’s certainly not qt enough in appearance or personality, comes across as a regular coworker, don’t get a sense for her femininity


  2. Poleaboo’s world consists of alphas, beta orbiters, omegas, NEETs and /r/obots.There are also QTs, cunnies, slags and hamplanets.

    Poleaboo is a /r/obot. He hates alphas and aspires to be a beta orbiter for a QT (he will not lower his standards to a ham-planet)


  3. Hey man, seems like you are doing well. That’s good. I really need to catch up on your old blog posts, I’ve been out of the loop for a while.


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