Getting minor shit sorted

Went into town to run errands on my day off, planned on printing off the forms for my tax refund, small claim, getting a bus pass and paying for the weed seeds.

I went to the library to print off the forms, I saw people in graduation gowns gathered around the garden area, felt like crying for a second. Didn’t like it. At the library I took a look at the form needed to make a small claim, filled it out and stored it for later, unfortunately there was an error and I had lost my work. Filling in the details of my claim took half an hour, I didn’t have the energy to do it again. Didn’t bother with the tax refund either. From what I’ve read though, just being served the summons should shit my ex-roommate up a bit, the £17 fee would be worth that alone. I’ll sort this stuff out on my next day off.

Got a month long bus pass for £50. I only really have one month left at the amusement park before they are only open on the weekends and continue to reduce their hours before shutting for half the year. Need to find a new job. Had to take a pic for the pass, don’t like looking at reflective surfaces or otherwise seeing my image reflected back at me. Feel pity for others who have to put up with my presence.

Had to make 3 trips to the bank as I kept forgetting details of the transfer. Was served by an Indian woman. I handed her the details of the account I wanted to transfer money to, I had taken care to fold the document which was a printout of the email sent, to avoid her seeing any incriminating words. She asked for the name of the beneficiary and without even asking she unfolded the piece of paper I gave her and read out “seeds bank”, don’t know if she saw the word “cannabis” but she probably didn’t understand the words so was incapable of being suspicious, good thing I got her. Not that buying seeds is illegal anyway. Did sweat during the interaction but I felt like a bit of a big shot.

The transfer cost £10, bring in the total cost of the seeds to £33.26. Bit too much for a bit of fun, don’t consider it to be worth it anymore, could have done something else with that money.

Saw an advert for a job at one of the paki shops in the town centre. It’s open 24/7, could do night shifts and juggle the two jobs until the hours at the amusement park dry up. I want to say I’ll get up early tomorrow morning, go to the library, print off a CV and enquire about the position. I don’t want to work retail, prefer more exotic jobs like the amusement park gig but work is work.

Bought some comics for my sisters birthday a few days ago, their birthday was in December, the packages arrived today.

Mum called, told her I wasn’t coming down for Eid. She was disappointed but quickly accepted my decision.

Next Eid is a couple of days before the trial.

Did use my pissbottle again, it’s too full now. Roommates had two interactions during the day. They laughed together in the morning, I could not imagine myself being part of that. Chad brought a friend around. My light is on, they know I’m home.

So tax, small claim and job search are what I need to address soon.

Not going to the doctors again, I don’t what, if anything, is wrong with me. I can’t see any symptoms or at least know adequately describe what I feel makes me different or makes my life a struggle.

Still haven’t had a meeting with my solicitor.


7 thoughts on “Getting minor shit sorted

  1. Why do you keep saying ‘paying’ for the weed seeds instead of ‘buying’ them? Are you getting them somewhere shady?


    • I went to the checkout and there were several strange looking payment options, ‘bank’ looked the most normal at a glance

      No credit card. Cancelled it as I kept getting charged for protection


    • Detective.

      Detective. No though, since I’m calmer now, also worried detective will fuck me if I make a habit of it.

      Been off the beta blockers for a few days, officially off them today. Believe they make me worse.


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