Keep it straight

tablet had charging issues for a while, it’s dead not, posting from my phone. Think I can get a refund/replacement tomorrow without a receipt as it’s an ASDA exclusive item. Browsing a single thread on my phone isn’t too bad.

Mum said she’d call today. She hasn’t.

Told my brother to post my watch to me a few days ago, it arrives but he didn’t put my name on the envelope. Chinese Chad opened it, we chatted for half an hour today, it went well. Did want to retreat the whole time though. He saw my pissbottle but probably assumed it was a trick of the light.

Brief interaction with Chad but because I don’t like him, I’m not even trying. He made a grilled cheese, good to know even Chads sometimes eat like me.

Bad conversations with work colleagues. Girl talking about Eminem. Say I don’t really listen to music but I like ‘Stan’. Guy was singing a song for a laugh, I said he’s bad at singing. I don’t know how to respond to attempts at humour. Fake laugh is impossible when smiling is hard.

Hurt my knee trying to hop over the garden gate. I wasn’t steady when I had one foot on the ground, foolish to go all in. Landed on my hands and knees, walked with a limp the rest of the day.

Graduation Ball is today. Good thing I’m not Elliot or the Columbine kids, would be a great opportunity to rack up a respectable score.

Considering converting/reverting to a hardcore version of Islam. The fundamentalist world view might give me some confidence and eliminate my need/want for acceptance/inclusion. It’s something else, what I’ve tried so far hadn’t quite worked out for me.

Three new starts at work. Two black guys and a slim, blonde but still not at girl. Still no Eastern Euros hired.

Was standing with a fuckable female colleague for a bit. Couldn’t think of anything to say.


8 thoughts on “Keep it straight

  1. Why not convert to Judaism? Muslims are smelly in general. Becoming a Jew would give you acess to a network of successful and wealthy individuals.


  2. Radical Islam now? You’re a treasure. Prepare to have all your shit rummaged by the security services while your new imam gives you the hairdryer treatment every Friday. Anyway. Peace be upon you, and please don’t contaminate people’s food, it’s just nasty.


  3. Join Islam.

    You will be warmly accepted by your brotherhood.

    You will find purpose and identity in the religion on your forefathers.

    This is what you have been looking for. This will make you whole again.


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