Normie Diaries

Work was mostly fine, didn’t talk to anyone except when I contributed towards taking down the bouncy castle. I looked stupid tripping over repeatedly.

Pissed myself again, just couldn’t hold it. Started to rain near the end of the day, at that point I made a conscious decision to soil myself further. Despite the rain, the story was clear just looking at my pants, I tried soaking them in more rainwater to balance things out on both legs.

Don’t like the new little, 21 year old, blonde not-qt. She’s too talkative. I really hate being reminded “If she’s nice to you then she’s nice to everyone”. Every other line out of her mouth seems to be a joke, it bothers me particularly because her chirpyness conflicts with my glumness, I am singling her out because she was supposed to be my inferior.

Walking to the bus stop I slowed my walk to avoid the coworkers in front of me. Got caught up by another coworker behind me who wanted to chat. Feel stupid since he saw me purposely slow myself and stuff. He was going to the gym, is broke, sounds like a druggie and studying music at college. Didn’t really reveal much about myself and couldn’t think of any followup questions to the info he revealed about himself. Think I misheard or misunderstood some of the other things he said and the questions I asked must have sounded weird. Can’t remember his face, there are a few guys at work who look rather plain, can’t recall which interactions I’ve had with each of them.

Not bought a new tablet yet. Spotted a cheap 10 inch one but the ASDA was crawling with too many work colleagues. Wasted time visiting the other ASDA store, they didn’t sell it.

The girl at work is definitely related to my classmate, looks just like her, might be an icebreaker to ask. She doesn’t know who I am after all.

I thought she was drinking mountain Dew in class once, I was wring it was BARR Limeade, I tried it two days ago since I like lime too, we are somewhat similar after all.

Get the feeling the manager is aware of my blog, sympathises with and understands me, that’s why he hasn’t come down on me for my incompetence.

Think I might have Alzheimer’s or be some kind of retarded. It’s not normal for someone to keep fucking up as often as me. The radio in my control room was off this morning, asked for help, turns out the plug wasn’t in. The guy helping me was the guy who fucked me over on the keys but has also helped me with a third of the problems I’ve had. I like him.

This down time has cost me 150+ gold in Hearthstone.

4 missed calls from an unknown number.

Taken to buying two packs of sandwiches for lunch to keep my energy up since I can’t have too much water.

Chad used my bowl again. Gotta do it. I have 2 litres of the stuff, no excuses.


13 thoughts on “Normie Diaries

  1. when you say you deliberately piss yourself – are we talking about a small trickle here or do you empty a full bladder of piss?


  2. Don’t you stink like piss after? aren’t you worried people will know you took a piss in your pants? What the fuck man get your shit together


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