bought a £30 tablet, should be good enough for Hearthstone and the other shit I need to keep track of. Lost out on at least 250 gold so far. I bought it on eBay, while using it I realised the seller who sold me my phone sent the wrong device. Need to complain.

Making £252 a week before claiming back tax. 6 weeks work cancels out the 6 weeks I was NEET, I break even. Not sure of the point in continuing to exist. Things might get better when I get my laptop back. Play STARLESS or simply be more comfy doing the things I am doing now.

Felt bad after acting strangely at work again, “you haven’t left yet?” is what I heard.

Glad to finally have a day off. Need to wash my uniform, the shirt collar is filthy but the washing machine is full.

Going to drop off a CV to that paki shop and small claims court claim tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “TGIW

  1. Is your sister a virgin? Would it bother you if she wasn’t?

    Do you think, as a broad generalisation, white Anglo girls tend to be slutty whores compared to traditional Pakistani women?


    • She’s probably a virgin

      Pretty fit tbh, dresses trendy, a religious person wouldn’t consider her religious but she considers herself religious, she’s into the superstitious shit that seems more cultural than anything.

      She seems to have a low opinion of both paki men (considers them all perverts) and white women (considers them all sluts)

      She did go on holiday to Greece last year. I don’t care whether or not she is a virgin as long as she isn’t stupid about it.

      I don’t really have much experience with women past high school, can’t commentate on sluttiness from personal experiences but the answer should be obvious. Pakis are more sexually repressed.


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