Upward Swing

Work was fine. Busy.

Think I have a reputation for being weak. Kid younger and smaller than me told others to help me and him move a few boxes, I say us but he said “Help him”. My trainer, a chubby 20 year old told me to do the easiest part when packing up the bouncy castle, they pulled from the sides and I pulled unnecessarily from the middle. I’m fine with it as long as people understand that I want to contribute and be a team player.

Being a beta again as far as letting people onto the ride if they’re slight below the height limit. Too much effort to tell them to fuck off. Guy called me “boss”. Felt I got his respect at the end of the day though when I said I hoped he and his family had a good day out, he gave me an extended thank you.

Felt bad for turning away some customers after I had shut down the ride. They had bought tokens specifically for it. Hope the tokens can be converted back to cash.

Had some good short interactions with several colleagues throughout the day including my manager. They made jokes and I reacted well, with laughter or playing along. It’s a very solitary job, I only mix with coworkers at the start and end of my shift.

Bastards are underpaying me. Just checked me account and for the 2 weeks work + 2 weekends I only have around £380, need to request a payslip. Probably won’t, just hope it all works out.

Colleague saw me at the checkout at the supermarket, had good look at my shopping, luckily the only vaguely embarrassing thing I bought was Pepsi (potatoes, coleslaw and mini weetabix cereal were the other items).

The advert for the paki shop vacancy is still up.

Not saying I poured piss into Chads milk, not saying when I did it, just going to say I feel much better about the situation. At least I did until I saw him using PLATE when I got back from work.

Had a potato today.

Short conversation with Chinese roommate, got a look at his legs, looks to be in good shape. Spoke about vidya, he likes Statecraft but he’s not a weeb or any kind of autist. The guy has superb social skills, makes me feel good about myself. We had a laugh when he made a joke relating to a package that had arrived for me.

Got my new tablet. 7″ is good enough.


10 thoughts on “Upward Swing

  1. >Bastards are underpaying me. Just checked me account and for the 2 weeks work + 2 weekends I only have around £380, need to request a payslip.

    You may have been put on emergency tax by HMRC. Check your payslip. If your tax code is one of these three, you’re on emergency tax:
    1060L W1
    1060L M1
    1060L X

    That means they’re probably taking too much money from you temporarily and you’ll get it refunded back later once your P45 is processed.


  2. You tend to look at normal events very differently from most people. A lot of things you complain about or are impressed by are not so uncommon e.g. being called a boss, your flatmate using the kitchen a lot. On another note, aren’t you concerned that the amount of information given in this blog might be used to locate you. People could go to the park and identify you while you are working. Also why are you so obsessed with urine? You are beneath beta and omega if you stink of piss, people will not respect you at all. Doesn’t your room stink of urine? Have you become so accustomed to it that you do not notice. Seriously if there’s one thing you need to do it is to start being clean. Specifically that means don’t urinate in people’s drinks (or if you insist on doing so, then at the very least they have the right to know especially considering you reside at their place, tell them ‘if you piss me off I will piss in your drinks’), do not urinate yourself and do not urinate in bottles in your room. Use the toilet for God’s sake!! Don’t be a bloody coward. You are contributing to and perpetuating an image of Pakis/Asians in Britain as being smelly and filthy. If this is how you are now then I dread to think how you were at school.


    • Why do you refer to Poleaboo as a ‘paki’ when he has already told us he was born in Britain?

      Or is it a case that anyone with Pakistani heritage is ‘forever Paki’ regardless of how many generations they have lived here?

      Racist scum.


      • I wasn’t referring to Poleaboo as being ‘paki’ you idiot. But he is Pakistani, and people can see that, hence smelling badly only contributes towards his perpetuating a negative stereotype. Yes he is British, his nationality is British, and I never denied that, imbecile. But ethnically he is Pakistani, that cannot be changed. He should take pride both in his British nationality and Pakistani ethnicity. For the record I share the same heritage, it is not uncommon for British Pakistanis to use the term ‘Paki’ amongst ourselves. This is obviously not done in a racially offensive manner. If you actually read what I wrote properly you would see I am writing in defence of Pakistanis, hence my focus is on addressing negative stereotypes about our people!! Feel free to reread my post and simply replace the word ‘Pakis’ with Pakistanis since you’re getting your knickers in a twist over one word. I was merely abbreviating.


    • Anyone that matters has already identified me, hence my current problems.

      I am clean, I shower every morning and use deodorant. The pissing in my pants thing is a very rare occurance.

      I was pretty gross in school, didn’t know any better, weekly baths, didn’t know how strong the scent of cum was etc.

      As for overrating/underrating social interactions, I just feel the way I do.


  3. I understand why you urinate in Chad’s milk.

    It causes no harm whatsoever to Chad, either emotionally (he will never know) or physically (piss is sterile), so it’s A-OK from that perspective.

    It’s more for your own benefit, right? It’s a silent ‘fuck you’ to the bully Chad. It’s a symbolic guesture of defiance, not just against Chad but the world more generally.


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