Pizza Tuesday?

Chinese roommate called towards the end of my shift, assumed the worst when I missed the call, assumed my pissbottles had been found or that the police had come knocking. Turns out he just forgot his keys.

Since I had to encounter him when letting him into the house, a conversation between is was triggered. A conversation that lasted 2 and a half hours. It was easy to talk to him as always, no anxiety and the time passed by quickly though I would rather have been in my room. Easy to talk to since mundane shit can become a conversation thread due to cultural differences. Maybe because English isn’t his native tongue and he is foriegn he makes me feel smarter, the alpha, though his English is brilliant, better than some locals.

He speaks candidly, like an internet conversation with some of the topics he brings up and opinions he spouts. Feminists don’t want true equality, bitching about diversity though he called it “equality”, though to his credit he hated when Chinese were pandered to on cinema also, racial slurs,  I noted the word “paki”, he repeated it and asked for racial slurs concerning Chinese people, I said “chink”. Spoke about film and this led me to feel uncomfortable as I realised he, like most people, is smarter than me. Wanted to talk about the meanings behind Pulp Fiction and Fight Club. Told him to watch more Tarantino, it’s meaningless, just stylish, fun shit. Beer. Politics. Economics. He bought up my meds again, I told him they’re betablockers for anxiety. Told me about CBT, 6 month waiting time since it’s recommended for almost anything involving mental health.

Chad left a note on the fridge suggesting Pizza on Tuesday and roommate bonding. I was wrong to piss in his milk, I regret it. He is trying, I’m not. He arrived in person later, only spoke with him briefly. He is also smarter than me. Both of my roommates have more in common than me, both are gym fiends and have read 1984, Chad has a subscription to TIME and Chinese Chad is as elite as most foreign students, he’s not a mainlander. Guess I could go for the Pizza and try to bond, have to really, would be rude otherwise, not sure what his expectations are.

Chinese Chad doesn’t like football and is lukewarm towards anime, I’ve not got anything else.

Work was different today, got trained up on different ride, the log flume. My trainer was the stoic guy who trained me on the kiddie rollercoaster and covers me breaks. He was more talkative this time and smiled. I’m glad he was friendly. Comes across as a Chad, made some tweaks to his uniform, weird ear piercing, 6 foot and a beard. I was less intimidated once I noticed his nasal hair and teeth. Didn’t talk much but what words we did exchange were fine, all work related, little bit of work related banter. He did use a phrase to describe the ride that I also did with two other colleagues. Thought it suspicious..

The log flume is not a fun ride to work, requires physical strength, need to pull the cars (full of people), when they get stuck. Trainer was pushing them with his feet, I couldn’t get the movement right though I only tried twice when he was looking away, instead I pulled them from the handles using my hand and back. Will destroy me over the long term.

Had to relay a couple of messages throughout the day, messed up both times, not listening, forgot, assumed the other guy would just know.

Like the new little blonde girl even less. She did greet me in the morning, I didn’t reply, her issue being her voice and such is very “LOLSORANDUM”. Didn’t like her gaudy sunglasses and how she wore them on her head either.

I had to move around a bit, between rides today, spoke to a few people, dropped a few names, felt like one of the team.

Dress shoes are worn, falling apart.

Saw the gap toothed Polish woman from McDonalds on the street as I was on the bus. Weird, three times now since I was fired.

Things are on an upwards trajectory.

Would be in a pretty good place on my life if I was 18-20, a summer job is nice, ggetting on with roommates is also nice but it’s all a little late in the game for me, I failed the game of life, my targets are now just existing in comfort.


10 thoughts on “Pizza Tuesday?

  1. Poleaboo takes a big, long, stinky piss in Chad’s milk because Chad stayed in the kitchen ‘talking’ for too long.

    It turns out Chad was in the kitchen talking about how to make Poleaboo feel more welcome in the house and how they can ‘bond’ as housemates

    * snigger *


  2. Chad discovers Poleaboo has been pissing in his milk. Does he:

    a) laugh it off good naturedly
    b) savagely beat poleaboo to within an inch of his life, resulting in many lost teeth and horrific permanent scarring
    c) throw all of poleaboo’s shit on the street, ending his tenancy with zero notice without refunding his bond
    d) assault poleaboo viciously if they ever happen to cross paths in days and years to come
    e) b, c and d


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