Brain rot

Not many people turned up to work today. Too drunk/tired from yesterday no doubt. One of the rides had to be shut for a while, I was moved onto it, had another misunderstanding with my manager. I asked if I should grab the keys (from the ticket office), he nodded, turns out the keys were already in the ride. Before I realised that J got the two individuals at the ticket office to repeatedly laugh at my attempts to use a walkie talkie. I was being told to “hold it”, thought they meant the walkie talkie itself not the button on the side.

I fucked up. Health and safety. Loaded people onto the cars too early. I thought I was just inconveniencing myself, don’t think I was explicitly told it was dangerous. Manager came up. Looked pissed because he was, I don’t think it was that he couldn’t shout at me but under his brash exterior is a nice guy. He was as nice as he could be while having a conversation that included the words “the bottom line is that people could die”. Told me if I don’t understand something I shouldn’t assume, I should just ask him. Still felt terrible even though he didn’t really chew me out or even harshly tell me off. Sent me back to the other ride. Was in a foul mood the rest of the day. Don’t want to come back here, only reason I’m still employed is the understaffing issue, they need me more thanI need them. Tempted to leave.

I used to be smart and a quick learner back in high school and sixth form, since then my mind has rotted, can’t understand jobs for simpletons. I even struggle to understand mechanics in new JRPGs resulting in me dropping the genre completely. It was probably the anime and isolation that did it. I went two 3 month stretches as a hiki, lived on my own, no talking, no showers, just anime and masturbating. This was between dropping out of uni the first time and starting my current course. I hope I have a tumour or something else I can blame.

Girl on the ride asked if her (and her bf) could stay on, get a free ride. I asked why I would do that, she kept pleading, delusional mare said she “wouldn’t tell anyone”. I might be a beta but I’m not a cuck. She fucked off eventually.

4 5/10s were miming the lyrics to “I kissed a girl” on my ride, it was hot as fuck and they knew what they were doing. We had a few exchanges, so I felt a personal connection.

Blonde girl isn’t as popular as I thought. She was talking to me when she had no reason to even be near me.

Bit of backbiting going on, wonder what they say about me.

2 new female coworkers have been hired. My days might be numbered after all. There are 3 weeks of work left and I’m guaranteed hours this week at least, so not a huge loss, £500.

Saw two of the managers from the McDonald’s branch I was working at on the bus. Turns out they’re fucking. Surprising, I’m not good at estimating ages but I thought there was a sizeable age gap between them and they wasn’t defective, well built, thought he could do better. He looked pretty uncomfortable when he saw me, guessing this relationship is maybe supposed to be a secret. He is quite young for a manager. Felt quite smug though I have no issue with these guys.

Got Hearthstone on my tablet. Don’t need a PC to root.

Whatsapp chat with siblings and cousins went well.

Bought siblings late birthdays presents. Murukami books.

7 litres of piss sitting in my room. Pissbottles are used for convenience as well as to avoid social interaction.

“Cannabis” seeds arrived. Got some stickers and a catalogue with them too.

Hearthstone and the seeds really picked me up.


10 thoughts on “Brain rot

  1. Are you still up for growing these “marijuana” seeds with me? I’ve got a load in a tin that aren’t doing anything – would be nice to have someone to discuss tips and the like for growing the “wacky backy” ;).


    • Murukami because he’s the only author I know. He got a BBC article. Figure books ate good gifts as interpretation as to why I gifted them is up to the reader.

      I have a good relationship with my siblings. No need to fuck it up.


  2. what’s latest on your trial? You said your solicitor called you a few days ago. what did he say? You could be in jail in a few weeks. how does that feel? Do you have a prison survival stratey (like stretching your asshole out before you go in)


  3. I’m reading After the Quake by Murakami at the moment, good choice. You know you will need proper UV lamps to grow the seeds too, probably gonna be pretty obvious.


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