“Fuck off”

Manager wasn’t in today, instead it was the operations director taking charge. He put me back on the log flume. I generally enjoyed my day, there is much more to do, I don’t mind the physical labour, I welcome it even, though I was a little worn by the end of the day, my mind was less tired. Did wet myself, just a little, few minutes before break, removed my underwear when I could.

The manager is the man on the ground, he knows I’m an idiot and shit at my job. For some reason the operations director respects me. I thought of was a bad cop/good cop thing but I suspect he wants to hire me after I graduate. He visited me while I was working, told me his plans to develop the park and was candid regarding his opinions on my coworkers. Felt valued, good about myself.

I can’t tell how old kids are, I assume many are 16, turns out ones who I think are teenagers have ages that range from 9-12. Let one small kid on the ride with her 12 year old sister, next time around I asked her age, didn’t let her on, told her she needed an adult. Figured I’d do my job properly. Her dad comes up,pissed that I let her pon earlier but not this time. Said he had pictures. I asked him if he was blackmailing me and told him to fuck off. He went straight to the operations director. Came back to me. I admitted what happened, said I’d understand if he were to fire me. He told me it wasn’t a big deal, just apologise and give him a free ride. Later told me he found it hard to believe I said what I did considering I was one of the best employees, made me feel good about myself again but also bad for disappointing him. The guy I told to fuck off was apparently someone who I had spoken to earlier, he said I had been nice all day.

Should have kept my cool, would have been more satisfying. I don’t know where this anger, defensiveness and impatience is coming from. The confidence and aggressiveness make little sense also.

Little blonde girl is still as bright as ever.

During my break my trainer was loading up the cars on the ride like I was yesterday when I was told off.

Pizza night was fine. Talked about normal shit. Don’t think I fucked up or said anything weird. Dominos is shit and overpriced, 4 for £30. Had 2 ciders and a beer, still hate the taste of beer. Everyone turned in a bit before 11 because they had work tomorrow. Don’t think I like or hate the guys anymore than before, didn’t dig deep despite 4 hours of chatter without pause. Time went quick, so I must have enjoyed myself. Chinese Chad used my plate.

Interesting point to note is that Chads gf doesn’t like nightclubs and pubs. Quality gf material tbh.


2 thoughts on ““Fuck off”

  1. anxiety / depression is anger turned inwards.

    externalizing anger outwards will help to fix your mental health problems

    telling people to fuck off is great fun. not giving a shit about customers is one of the perks of having a short term menial jobs. Be more of a cunt Poleaboo


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