It’s all gone to shit again

Work dragged a bit longer than usual. Noticed people were doing this weird salute instead of nodding or smiling to acknowledge each other. Before leaving I took care of packing some stuff away with the little blonde girl.

I’m first to leave. Before exiting the car park area a colleague who I have never spoken to before tells me to hold on, leaving his backpack on the floor. I note this but he replies “someone else will get it”. Whips out his phones and shows me a page, I recognise instantly that it’s my blog. Has an accent, pretty sure he was the vocaroo guy replying to me yesterday. I ask him if he’s from /brit/, doesn’t answer or deflects. Hard to make out what he’s saying, sounded like “Is this about 5 and 10 year olds?”, I mutter something about “4chan…a character..just a gimmick…it’s funny”. Couldn’t get my defence straight. “Doesn’t matter, I think it’s quite obviously about us”. I could hear that quite clearly. 4 more colleagues arrive, helpful guy, little blonde, stoic break/log flume trainer guy and friend of my original trainer who I never speak to.

None of them except the short fat, chavvy mate of my trainer speaks. She’s offended I called her best friend “chubby”, fat people get offended just by looking in a fucking mirror it seems. I was trying to avoid derogatory terms so I dislike that this is what she’s taking issue with. I point out that I was mostly complimentary of them. She’s offended that I even wrote about them at all. Also picks out the little blonde girl. I shut up entirely now, there’s no excusing that. Just let her go on her generic chavvy tirade. They back off, I walk away. “Go home to your 7 litres of piss!” the animal bellows. I muster a reply “Don’t I deserve any sympathy?”, she tells me to piss my pants some more. I wonder how much they have read and the behind the scenes details such as how information was circulated and discussed. I saw them all laughing as I turned to leave. Eastern Euro guy who I never spoke to stands with me, semi-defends me, (hebis just bantering with his mates but it is a deflection) I hurry my departure.

Will apologise to the blonde girl tomorrow, get there early, stand by the clocking in machine. I was a cunt and she’s genuinely a nice person. I don’t think most of the staff know, I hope this was just a warning shot and I’ve not been reported to management. On the bright side this should open up dialogue between me and the others, break down barriers, they know me now. I really liked these coworkers just like my last ones, just said some stupid shit that outweighed all the nice stuff.

Only defence coming to mind is that everyone backbites and maybe that if they don’t like my blog they shouldn’t read it, no names are used so it’s harmless on its own.

Had some strong opinions regarding the guilty plea earlier in the day but that’s all gone straight out of my head.

Will be flipping the blog on and off private for a while.


3 thoughts on “It’s all gone to shit again

  1. Hmmm, so that’s why it was switched on to private earlier on. Noticed you changed the months to some other language, Polish I’m guessing. Man if your flatmates find out you will be in some deep shit.You previously wrote that anyone who matters has already identified you – I wouldn’t be so sure. Your flatmates will quite literally beat the shit out of you when (not if) they find out you’ve been contaminating their food, toothbrushes etc. No sympathy from me. You are a coward, you have no dignity and treat others with none, you have anger management issues, and don’t mistake you’re bravado/cockiness with some people for courage. I wouldn’t be surprised if your colleagues cornered you after work and gave you a good beating – although the whole urinating yourself thing may act as a deterrent. Anywho, hope something turns out well for you man cos from where I stand things ain’t looking too good for you atm. Adios for now :).


  2. It’s a shit-tier job man so just quit. Before you leave tell that nasty chav to fuck off.

    people all around the world are reading your blog poleaboo. You are immortalized in popular culture now. This is your life’s work.

    dont let the chavs and the peasants hold you down!


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