Literally can’t be fired

Got into work and saw a coworker. I was worried so I turned away. She was nice to me though when I saw her again, guess not everyone has read this blog. I get into the park area and see the chavvy pig standing on top of a picnic table surrounded by coworkers. I get stares and she shouts something about a pissbottle. Stand in the corner and read the football gossip on my phone.

Helped the manager with some boxes, got told to help set up the bouncy castle, get there and of looks like the clique from yesterday are working on it. “It looks like you guys have got it sorted, I’ll leave you to it”. Pig says she didn’t want my help anyway. I leave. I pass them again later on as we’re walking in opposite directions, she shoves me, like we’re in fucking school. I shout back at her “Don’t be so pathetic!”. I walk on as she loudly asks me to repeat myself. This happens very close to the area everyone is gathered.

Work is fine until I’m approached by my manager and a copper. Tells me an accusation was made. I apparently made sexually suggestive remarks about underage girls. Copper tells me not to worry, it’s been investigated, both he and my manager feel as if there is nothing like that on my blog. The guy who made the complaint claimed he was drunk when he was called back. Looks like I was right about what I thought the guy from yesterday was asking me. His accent was also confirmed as Irish, means he is definitely the Vocaroo guy from Wednesday. Manager and I have several chats during the day, he sympathises, thinks my blog is well “scripted”, tells me he and everyone else in the park have read it. I confess my stalking charges, he is forgiving. I am much more comfortable speaking around him now.

Get given info by the copper to remove any doubt regarding who grassed me up. Manager talks about freedom of speech and consequences. Quite a smart guy, points and social movements often forget the human rights charter doesn’t protect you there. He has a word with the others still. I have a sit down with the operations director and the manager towards the end of the day, they’re understanding, not firing me but they’re concerned and want to ensure I know why and straighten up. Wish I could see myself through their eyes.

Pig wears a sour face and gives me evils all day.

I work on clearing up an area mostly alone but a couple of people thank or actually help me. Sure they know but they don’t care.

Leave, buy cereal. Not sure why the others loiter.

Told Chad about the day.

Leaving /brit/.


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