Another day as a wagecuck

Work was unremarkable apart from some confusion over whether or not I was supposed to be working today. I was marked on on the rota so I’m not sure where it came from. I worked the log flume, my thighs are shot, it hurts to walk. At quitting time I tried helping some of the people who confronted me on Wednesday with shutting up shop, two continued in silence, I’m glad of it, that’s just normal, really. The pig exclaimed “It stinks of piss” and left. Think there might have been an after work meeting that no one told me about.

Getting treated like I’m a child made of glass by management. Manager is even more gentle when addressing me, even when I fuck up, I see no anger on his face. When he or someone else need me to do something, their instructions are explicit, everything down to the letter. It makes things easier for me but it reminds me of what they’ve read.

Should read blog entries after 16th March, that’s what the Polish girl was reading as it was posted as she was investigating me. I’ve put it off for months.

Another meeting with my brief is scheduled.

Appetite has disappeared since the confrontation.


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