1 Hapa, 2 Pakis, 3 Poles

Glad I’ve been forced to make my blog completely private, feels like the first 45 days or so when I could let everything off my chest without considering the reactions of others.

I never sought out interaction with colleagues, I prefer to clock in and out with minimal effort. Small talk is effort and from what I overhear the banter is weak and forced. People have stopped trying to talk to me and I’m fine with that. Glad I’m not allowed in the immediate area of the pig either, I never had anything to say. Today at the start of work I sat a few metres away, on a bench, away from the tables where the rest of the staff were gathered, no WiFi, just pretended to be on my phone.

Pig is still being a bitch, refused to have me hand her a box.

The guy who covers my breaks motioned towards a female on my ride and said with a smirk something like “What would you do to that?”, I didn’t notice any qts, different tastes, he has a weird ear piercing, not the same. Not sure of him talking to me is him being nice or him taunting me. He has said one sentence to me each day since confronting me. He never said anything then so I didn’t bother grassing him up but now I know he was there looking for drama, which I now also know isn’t uncommon at the park.

Women were hired to dress as Elsa and Snow White at the park. Good stuff but I am still more taken with the golf hut girl who had to follow them around in her uniform with balloons, she looked glum. There was an exchange of looks, pretty sure she knows about me.

Colleague wants to read my blog, find out what he’s been missing out on. He’s nice and I respect him being honest with me, repeatedly declaring it’s just for a laugh. Will look into giving access to this blog while it’s private, one user account and hope no one changes the password. Going to have to hide several posts, maybe everything before I started working at the amusement park, don’t think my coworkers got that far back, without understanding the context everything here might seem more malicious and unhinged than it actually is.

Need to get brave and apologise to the little blonde. I was clearly trying to belittle her as I was intimidated by her energy. Might be worth giving a constructed apology to the pig too, just wind her up even further.

Ginger cunt who I thought was nice is also not talking to me. Fucked up as he’s supposed to be a supervisor or some sort of low-tier authority figure. I think he’s white knighting the little blonde, everyone upset on someone else’s behalf.

Bumped into the guy who got fired for being creepy around kids on the bus. Good talk, was honest about my situation, he told me details about his that I was previously not aware. Reminded me of a lad from high school.

On the way home I got the guy who thought I was a peado, one on one. Asked him if he posted on 4chan since I assumed he was the one who found the blog. “…4chin? What’s that?” Best response regardless of the truth or situation, apologised for bullying, said he misread a passage, I believe him because he threw someone else under the bus, someone I can check on. He said he didn’t care about that other stuff. Short conversation, he clearly wanted to get away quickly. Bumped into a female who has taken to asking how I am and Paki Chad, had a few brief interactions with him, nice guy. Tall, closest to a true Chad at the park probably.

The guy who found and shared my blog was apparently the fresh off the boat Indian who works there. Strange as I have no issue with him and although I’m not too familiar with cliques and social hierarchies, the only reason he had, in my estimation, to share the link was to score points. Completely cruel and indefensible move. At least the peado guy thought he was doing what he thought was just. Will be having a word with him. Going back to /brit/, not being chased off by a JF.

TellTelling Chad roommate everything that happens at work, easy conversation. He’s looking for my blog, his questions were so transparent (same questions the colleague asked earlier). Don’t know why I answered honestly.

Will have enough later today for the 3rd Black Rock Mountain wing.


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