Wagecuckery >>>>> NEETdom

Day off work today, working the rest of the week, had to come in early for a health & safety talk, robbing me of a lay in and nullifying half the value of an off day. Noticed a few people were missing, regret attending myself now though the guy giving the talk had his moments. Couldn’t find a good moment to apologise to little blonde, I come across as either a cunt or a coward if I don’t say sorry. If she thinks I’m a cunt that’s fair enough though since I do stand behind half of my comments, her gimmick comes across as forced, she wears odd socks, has mannerisms similar to a kewl 10 year old American schoolboy and today she was sucking on a lollipop. I just don’t buy it. Heard her make another joke about being small. She may however, legitimately be a nice, upbeat person. I owe her an apology for doubting that part of her character. The guy who shared my blog wasn’t about, couldn’t speak with him. Feeling hostile towards one guy who I helped out a few times but didn’t speak to more than once, he is shooting me dirty looks.

Don’t know why there have been so many vindictive vermin who have no personal quarrel with me, fucking me over.

Returned my tablet. Different person was on the counter, took her 10 minutes and a call to the manager to bring up my receipt, she also forgot to check the validity of my claim. Bumped into coworker on my way to the bus stop, I didn’t want to interact but forced myself since I hadn’t realised how close they were until it was too late. Asked about my plans for the day, I said I was going to smoke with a friend. Didn’t want to say “nothing”, experience has taught me that’s not a good conversational move. She got away quickly, made up a story about a dead relative and needing to buyba sympathies card, I’m glad.

Want a haircut, last one was a month ago.

Made an account for people to view the blog while it’s private.

Holding off on the small claims court, not enough energy.

Summer anime looks fun if not good.

2 more wings of BlackRock Mountain to go.

Bad interactions with roommates, they were in the kitchen when I got back. Comfortable being around them but ignoring them now.

Didn’t do anything with my time. Being a wageslave is less soul crushing than being a NEET in my case. Want to watch anime, a film or new show but I can’t do it. Did buy a City shirt off AliExpress for £11 though, might cheer me up in a months time. Thought about gardening but looking out there it seemed too much.


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