Sorry. Not Sorry.

Worked the easy ride again but had to work the log flume for 20 minutes, thighs are still killing me, it was difficult. Breaks are only 20 minutes, legally should be half an hour. Some people take the 30 minutes, guess there isn’t anything that can be done about it. I take 20 like a cuck. Should unionise, the park is in a sensitive position, most people get on well enough so it shouldn’t be much of a challenge.

Flagged up issues with a ride a week ago, got no feedback. Ginger flags up the issue yesterday and maintenance are all on it. At least he’s talking to me again.

I apologised to the little blonde with the forced gimmick at work. I couldn’t get her alone but managed to get some space at the end of the day, people were not close enough to hear us but they could see us (5 or so are sitting together). “Could I have a word?”, I asked fairly confidently. She obliged, can’t recall her expression but I could take a good guess. Once I started speaking she looked smug and made a show of chewing her gum. Without making eye contact, I told her “sorry for slagging you off”. I had wrestled with the wording for days. “Hey, I don’t really mind, didn’t realise I was being such a dick, haha”. Looks even smugger now. “You weren’t, I was intimidated….by your energy”. “ohhhhh, so you were mad I was happier than you?”, smugness intensifies even further .”y-y-yeah”. “Like I said, I really don’t mind”. Think she thanked me for apologising too.

My voice was raspy from lack of water so I sounded like a cuck as well as looking like one. Still can’t make eye contact with her, one shame has been replaced by another. She made me dislike her gimmick even more than before so I didn’t even really mean my apology. Not sure why I even bothered to say sorry.

Drinking a lot of Lucozade, it’s on sale. Skipped dinner, lunch filled me up well enough, 4 sandwiches.

Chad is obsessed with home improvements, I don’t care, don’t understand why he does it.


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