Non-Day #158

The owner of the parks kid was nice to me today, seemed to not even remember what happened yesterday or maybe it meant nothing to him. Prefer to think he felt bad about it and was trying to smooth things over. Would still like to teach him a lesson, just less violently. Other park workers were kissing his ass in the morning it was pathetic.

Don’t like seeing colleagues congregating at the start and end of the day. Feel excluded. Think they were going out into town tonight. Saw a few of them on my way to the bus stop. I tweaked my trajectory a little to avoid them but I made eye contact with little blonde and the others saw my back.

Legs ache. Should probably pull a sicky, zero hour contracts work both way, it’s common for people not to turn up every day at this job.

Haven’t encountered the colleague who asked for access to my blog since Sunday.

The Indian guy who allegedly shared my blog with the other park workers doesn’t work at the park anymore. Norn Irish cunt knew that when he threw him under the bus. Can’t call him on it since it’s just speculation. Can’t ask someone else since I don’t really talk to anyone and no one cares about what I wrote anymore.

Muttered to myself a lot today, expletives, names and acting out scenes.

Could do with a haircut though last one was 5-6 weeks ago.

Brief encounter with roommates, spoke when forced to. Stayed in my room and avoided them once I could, I don’t have the energy or desire to interact with them these days.

Enjoying interacting with kids, they respect me.

Short interaction with the owner of the park, asked if I saw a certain possible issue with the ride, told him I could only watch one thing at a time. I don’t believe this is a one man job. He just stood around and watched the ride in motion for a while.


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