I should really quit

Some scribbles on my clocking in card, appears as if 15-30 minutes have been shaved off every shift I have done this week. Will look at others cards and try to figure out why before asking. Not happy about this, want to make a point by arriving late. Small claims court is an option. Took a look at my bank balance too, it’s off by a bit, need pen and paper to calculate the PAYE and NI deductions, don’t have the energy to do it, will just wait for the payslip, make things easier, it’s probably about right, more time shaving makes up the difference.

My ride didn’t work in the morning, took an hour to fix, there was a weak attempt to push blame onto me, I thought I stopped the ride pretty quickly after discovering the problem. The individuals involved were nice enough about it though since it was a stretch. Figured out the log flume, just wait for cars to push each other in, no need to bother pulling any in. Easy relaxing ride to work. Enjoy chatting with the kids, got high fives two days in a row. Shouting at kids is also bit of a power trip but I take most satisfaction in not letting kids on who don’t meet the height requirements though my opinion shifts throughout the day.

Confused in what an ‘adult’ is, told during training it was 16, manager told me off a few days ago and said it was 21, since then there have been two 18 years who have gotten the blessing of management.

Short interaction with the guy who wanted to read my blog, guess he doesn’t care anymore. He’s a friendly guy.

Three interactions with the Eastern European guy who is probably Polish. He greeting me in the morning and drew attention to the clocking in cards. He started a conversation while I was waiting for my ride to be fixed. At the end of the day I tried helping him with a simple task but I fucked up and looked dull, apologised several times, he said it was OK. Feel pretty shitty after that, don’t want to see him again. Probably read my blog and sympathised with me or more likely just heard the highlights. Possibly after weed.

Don’t really want to speak to anyone at work, want to be left alone without being made aware of how sociable everyone else is.


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