Enemies no more

Guy who covers my breaks noticed I brought a bottle of water back with me, it was hot and midway through the shift I figured I could hold it and I needed it. He came back 2 hours later and asked if I needed the bathroom. Not sure if he was seriously concerned or just making fun of me, he has made a few other attempts to communicate with me too, hard to decipher the meanings behind his words. Glad to be getting sympathy, I suppose but need stop reminding myself most of my colleagues are younger than I. Makes me feel pathetic.

Got to work on my usual ride again, enjoyed the change of pace.

Guy threw keys at me, I failed to catch them.

No one at my place of employment appears to hold a grude against me, in fact I feel as if they’re all being extra nice to me. A lot of asking how I am.

Glad the other Paki working here is a Chad so my existence doesn’t reflect negatively on the race.

This job has distracted me from my other problems, good thing in the short term. I’ll see what happens next week when I’ve got nothing but my thoughts to occupy the endless hours of the day.


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