Like her, not obsessed

Quality halftime tier slag was working the bouncy castle today, it’s the ride opposite me. She looked like Rita Ora, bleached blonde hair, orange tan and odd facial features. Tied her shirt back to make it tighter, could see her lower back. Spent the first 2 hours of the day drying the castle, sometimes wearing socks, sometimes barefoot, scrubbing the crevices of the rubber structure with a mop, cloths or walking to the faucet, barefoot, filling up a bucket and struggling to tow it back. It was very sexual.

Ora started shouting my name late into the day, she likely got it when enquiring who had a radio from a closer colleague. It felt great, like we actually knew each other. She asked me to contact the manager because she had been on for 5 hours and not gotten her break. I couldn’t get a response when calling my managers name on the radio, I assumed he didn’t have his walkie talkie on him, when he walked past 30 minutes later (28 minutes after I heard him speak to someone else on the radio and 29 minutes after seeing he did indeed have his walkie talkie with him) I asked why he was ignoring me. Said he was just hiding on another frequency, something he apparently often does, he was smiling so I don’t think he was angry at how I jumped to the conclusion he was rude. Proud I was so casual and confident with him.

I was hoping to help her shut down/pack away the bouncy castle at the end of the day as we were understaffed but unfortunately rain derailed that dream. She told me her name when we were talking, didn’t quite make it out though, we had to stay by our rides and shout over the music and customers.

Chav kicked off when I told him his kid was too small to ride the ride I was working, I didn’t get mad this time, just let him wind himself up. Could tell he wasn’t happy because he swore when I refused to radio the manager and forced him to walk to the ticket desk. He tried complaining to a colleague but she told him to go to the manager too. Saw him shortly later with candy floss, pointing at it and mouthing/saying “Your wages!”. Doubt he actually spoke to the manager, he wasn’t gone from my sight long enough and I didn’t hear anything about it. So he either bought it himself or he got it as compensation for buying the wrong wristband for his kid since we don’t do cash refunds. I certainly won, he was mad, is out of pocket and didn’t get what he ultimately wanted. Felt good to upset him, he was quite a big fellow.

Keys were thrown at me again, I missed again.

There’s a black African guy who works at the park, think he’s fairly new. Saw him walking home, waved to say “Hi” as we had made eye contact. He came over and we had a short conversation before splitting up in ASDA. I asked him how he liked working at the park, it was a question you can only ask when first meeting someone, probably why I was okay speaking to him, being newer at the park and a ‘loner’, he is arguably inferior to me. The other theory is racial but I don’t understand it/myself enough to get into it.

Bought some Irn-Bru, get more pleasure from soft drinks than I do alcohol or bud.

Haircut tomorrow and need to buy razors.


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