King of the cucks

Didn’t wake up much later than usual but felt well rested. Spent the early part of the day playing Hearthstone, got a 100 gold quest, almost enough for the 4th wing of BRM. Washed my bedding for the first time since I moved in at the start of June, feels much more comfortable now.

Received a call just before 12, it was from work, would be a while before I realised it wasn’t a coworker calling but the other son of the amusement park who has the same name as a park worker I spoke to a few times, he plays manger sometimes. Asked if I could come in for a couple of hours to help cover breaks since they were understaffed. Stressed that I didn’t need to and although 1pm would be ideal, anytime I could show up would be appreciated.

I insisted I could come in and at 1pm. I needed to get into town anyway for a haircut and work on that small claims court thing. Also wanted to be helpful, increases my self esteem. Feels good to say yes and do a favour for someone.

I arrive on time, speak to this female manager who is working the concessions stand and get sent up to the log flume. I’m very energetic, the value of a good nights sleep. I work the ride for 3 hours or so before becoming concerned and angry about not having been relieved of my duty yet. He said a couple of hours, that strictly meant 2 hours. Breaks end near 5pm so I waited until then to take action. I couldn’t leave the ride, it was busy, I could see the guy hanging outside the ticket desk, observing nothing, that made me angrier. I called him from my mobile phone, watched him pick up and then shouted about having been there for 2 hours more than I’d expected. It was a noisy ride, not sure if I wanted to shout or needed to.

Watched him scramble around from my birds nest for half an hour, flick up 2 fingers to insinuate I’d be away shortly, I finally got to leave at 5.35pm, too late for a haircut, I might as well have just stayed until closing time at 6.

Walked passed the “manager” on my way out, told him twice that “a couple” means 2, he told me twice that he appreciated me coming in, the second half of the sentence was cut off both times by me saying “great” and sticking up a thumb with a faux smug look. Probably came across as a cunt, not what I wanted but at least I didn’t present myself as totally spineless. Bad move. If I’m going to act like a cuck, I should follow through all the way, no gain otherwise.

Going to be working 13 days straight come Sunday.

Bitched about it to my roommates, Chad fled, he doesn’t like me, thinks I’m boring, need to find a new track to play, talk about media.

Got my first legendary and a golden epic in my Tavern Brawl pack. Unfortunately the legendary was the mighty Milhouse Manastorm.


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