Leave the memories alone

Left early and got a haircut before work, pretty sure barber thought I said “scissor” instead of “Caesar”, hair wasn’t cut short enough for my liking either. I don’t really know the words to say when getting a haircut so I can’t blame him and he did ask me if it was short enough. Didn’t need a shower.

Very sweaty getting to work, had to splash my face with water in the bathroom. Got in a minute late.

Work was fine. Good banter with the kids. Like that they seem to like me or at least aren’t threatened by me.

Not looking forward to being NEET again once the park returns to being open only on weekends and will likely no longer require my services. The job is a distraction, I need it, I know what I’m going to constantly think about if I get enough free time, I’m even doing it now, I can’t stand not knowing what they’re doing, the thought that they are existing and having conversations and thoughts I will never hear or know tortures me. Don’t want to feel that way, it’s horrible. Once I have the time and energy, I’ll probably do something stupid again but it won’t make the feelings go away.

Thought about opening a chain of Polish takeaways.

Difficulty entering the kitchen, roommates spent a lot of time in there, avoided them successfully.

Chinese Chad brings up Chads gf too often, sounds like he has an obsession. He and her were roommates last year apparently and had a falling out over something neither of them will discuss (The female wanted Chinese Chad removed from the house). I can only use my own experience to gain insight here.


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