Broken Streak

Dad called 3 times, ignored the calls, mum called once too before sending a text message. Couldn’t answer the phone while my roommates were in the kitchen within earshot. They spoke for over an hour, their conversations were not interesting to me, can’t fathom how people can drone on like that and enjoy hearing others do the same. Ended up calling my dad back at 9 when my roommates had evacuated the nearby premises, he was just checking I was find, if j needed anything and reminded me he is going for a 3 week holiday to Pakistan. I was hostile, didn’t like him asking why I didn’t answer the phone earlier or asking me to dumb down my language for him.

Certain the owners kid feels bad for losing his temper with me, he repeatedly said “please” when asking things of me (Not telling, asking), he also touched my arm and didn’t get mad when I fucked up. Thought the mini golf kiosk girl was waving and smiling at me but it was probably the person coming down the path, though it did appear as if she was looking my way, I didn’t respond, unless looking away counts. It was raining so the day was east but felt long. The owners other kid who called me on Wednesday was nice to me too as was the stoic trainer guy, he spoke to me twice.

Pissed myself again, held it for around 2 hours.

Turns out the log flume used to be manned by 2 people as I had suspected.

The girl from the bouncy castle looks like Lola from EastEnders. Saw her for a second before I left, not sure if she recognised me, looked disgusted.

Bought the 4th wing of BRM on Hearthstone with gold, only 1 more to go.


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