When it rains, it pours

The milk I had with my cereal tasted disgusting, it was a while before I got around to giving up on the meal and throwing it into the trash. I never keep milk long enough for it to go off, can’t remember when I opened this bottle but it can’t have been so long and for it to turn. I suspect Chad pissed in my milk, would go hand in hand with him giving me space now, probably heard something about me.

Raining again. Uncomfortable standing out there for 7 hours, terrible experience, glad to be comfy now. Pissed myself 2 hours into the shift, completely emptied my bladder, felt it run down my leg, saw it leave my trousers and seep into my shoes. I thought about radioing for a bathroom break for a while, an hour, maybe more but couldn’t do it. Noticed a trend, all the times I can remember wetting myself at work, it has been raining, so the problem I have is not as bad as I thought. Associating rain with urination so my body does it automatically or something.

People were nice to me.

Took a look at the names on the clocking-in cards under “Park kiosk”, think the qt I like might be Polish. It would explain the dyed red hair, apparently not an uncommon fashion choice among Polish females. Gotta note down all the names tomorrow, it’s my last day.

Talking to myself too much, even in public, explaining my moves and the like, used to look at other people do that and wonder why they’re behaving so, now I understand it’s involuntary but I don’t know what the cause was.

Queuing up for the bus, saw the guy in front of me grab his gfs ass and slide his hand into her back pocket, crazy, can’t even being to understand their relationship, how you must feel for that to be done so causally. They were Eastern European, not Polish.

Yesterday I was out of cereal so I had 3 bananas for breakfast.

Waiting for my City shirt.

Feel exhausted.


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