It never ends

Walking to work, saw colleagues in front of me so I started walking more slowly, maintaining a distance of between 3 and 4 car lengths. They eventually spotted me so I hid behind a wall, came back out and finished the walk to work maintaining the safe distance. I can’t hold a conversation so don’t want to have to speak to people. They probably thought me weird, wonder if they spoke about me. The guys in front of me had always been friendly during our few interactions.

Notes on the clocking in card, getting screwed even worse than last week. Being paid for only 6.45 hours a day now, don’t have the confidence to demand an explanation though I often imagined myself making a scene throughout the day. Didn’t get my lunch break until 6 hours into my shift, I was less than 5 minutes away from shutting down the ride myself. I don’t care the park makes its own rules, I do however get annoyed if they are not applied consistently. Paki Chad quit, said the job made him unhappy, he has a skateboard, cool guy.

The owners older kid was about, was nice, smiling, made a joke.

Thought today was my last day working at the park so I was in a pleasant mood. Turns out I’m still wanted while the park operates with reduced opening hours. Less money but it’s still money, can’t really turn it down since I know being NEET will only bring me short time pleasure and I could do with bolstering my war chest. Was looking forward to celebrating by drinking on my own and watching MOTD. Will be working 15 days straight before my day off and meeting with my solicitor on Wednesday.

Liked how the operations director remembered I liked Wednesdays off. Liked how Chad remembered today was the day I thought was my final day employed.

The girl who had previously been hostile to me is now being especially nice to me, some thank yous, small favours and chatter. Feels bad, maybe or just being decent. I appreciate it.

Vacancy in the paki shop is gone.

I live near the uni, get the bus at the stop opposite the campus every morning, literally only a metre tall wall separates me and violating the universities decree. Good location.


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