Trial Update 2

Met my solicitor again, he let me go over the statements in private, it was a few minutes before I realised the gift he had given me. I am grateful to him for that. Actually reading the statements I realise again that the charge relating to my ex-roommate is rubbish, it was not my apology email that scared her into the arms of the police but the fat friend of the Polish girl in my class who tried to sniff her out, spooking her by contacting her friends and asking questions about her.

Still pleading guilty though I was excited when I heard the victims would be made to testify in court. I would love to see them again, I’d claim to make some huge gesture for the privilege but I don’t have and can’t do anything worth a damn. Pleading guilty apparently knocks 2/3 off my sentence. However if I were to be given a community payback order the minimum is still 100 hours.

My financial situation isn’t great so I don’t want a fine. I need free time to work so I don’t want community service either. We do nothing more than plead, it’s entirely up to the judge, can’t ask for a short prison stint, it would be my preferred option. I don’t care much about the punishment, I want to plead guilty because of the timing, a decent window before the next academic year starts. Get my disciplinary stuff out of the way, apply to student finance, re-enrol, everything’s back to normal by the end of September.

Solicitor seems like a nice guy, don’t like he isn’t considering any arguments for my innocence but he does seem to care somewhat. He enquired about my motives, if he’d read the threads he’d know (later emailed to him), we settled on ‘obsession’ and anger the girls wouldn’t ‘have me on’, I tried to stress it wasn’t sexual and had to tell him again that the girls hadn’t rejected me.

Didn’t go into the meeting with any questions, not really thinking about the situation, not desperate for it to be over, to move on, just don’t want things to get any worse! I seem to have found a balance at the moment. Don’t feel anything related to this except a few rare flashes of anger.

Saw Chad in the morning, he’s going home for a week. Chinese Chad asked me to buy bus tickets for him, I know what he’s doing, you ask people for favours to make them think they’re on your side, if only he knew that I already liked him very much.

Played Hearthstone, 400 gold away from the final solo adventure wing. Chatted with a /brit/(feel) friend, didn’t realise it was him until after our interaction was over. He watched me play a game, found it intimidating, like when a teacher looks over my shoulder as I’m working, I wasn’t at my best either, was using a weak deck for a quest, probably thinks I suck worse than I do (I lost). As with all conversations I didn’t know what to say.

Pissed myself in the library again.

Body doesn’t hurt much anymore.

Ate cereal in the morning. At around 5.30pm I had beans on 4 slices of toast with 3 slices of cheese.


5 thoughts on “Trial Update 2

  1. Poleaboo, finally!
    I read your updates literally daily for months and then suddenly it was all gone.. Not cool haha
    Tried to gain access a few times the R*********_14 email (if you got the notification) and now finally!
    Gonna catch up, hope everything’s been good with you despite you not knowing who I am, I am really backing you man and I’m looking forward to getting caught up.


    • Sorry, only just now have I realised all user access requests went to the email I set up and not this WordPress account.

      Gutted to lose so much of my readership but I need this job/money. It’s money I need to pay the rent, if I had more of a choice in the matter I would have kept it public as this is the most meaningful thing in my life.


      • It’s cool man. No worries, it’s totally understandable. It was interesting to read about the drama at your work place and how it was later resolved. Better even that you’re still working there. Must have done something right haha.
        The dark net purchases you alluded to, those were interesting as well and I look forward to reading about what they end up being haha. Lots of interesting possibilities!
        Hope the judge grants leniency but I also hope you can learn something out of this ordeal so as to not only let it be a negative but also a positive in/to your life.
        I was also left wondering what exactly was in your milk that made it taste bad, have there been any more developments with your chad roommate that would either confirm or disprove your idea that he may have pissed in it?

        Speaking of piss, at the library? Really? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, invest in some adult diapers if you really can’t control it. That’s just not right. That’s not to say that pisssing yourself at work (in the rain or not) isn’t bad but in a public library is just… I honestly don’t know if I can believe that actually happened lol. Get it together man!


      • Glad you enjoy reading it though the last 2 months have just been me wage slaving in order to pay the rent without burning my savings.
        It’s a lousy job, people quit all the time, they need as many able bodies as they can find (lot of injuries around too)

        Didn’t buy anything, was thinking of doing so once I got my laptop back but I’m not so angry anymore, we’ll see what happens with the uni.

        Chad is fairly friendly, maybe the milk really did just go off.

        Adult diapers are the worst move I could make, if not stress or anxiety the reason it’s happening is due to my overuse of pissbottles, I’ve conditioned my body to think it doesn’t need to hold on as relief is seconds away. Have 10+ liters of piss in my room. Need to throw it out.


  2. Couldn’t remember the last thing I read so i may have read more than needed, but good reads nonetheless. I hope for you that the Judge shows leniency and grants a fair decision. With uncertainty hovering around you, drugs and alcohol may seem like a fun escape for a brief period of time; however, the highs and lows are short lived and real world problems seem to always come flooding back once the inebriation period is over. Wishing all the best for you from across the pond.


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