Mozart by request – Titles and entries for wageslave days are dull

Didn’t have to wake up until much later since the park is only open for 4 hours now but I woke up at 9am and felt well rested and upbeat. Played a little Hearthstone, hit rank 14. Enjoyed the taste of being NEET for a few hours today. Excitedly answered the doorbell hoping the postman had my Manchester City shirt, unfortunately it was just Chinese Chads trenchcoat, not sure if I can still call him a Chad.

Had a few short interactions with him before setting off for work. He creeped up on me and gave me a little fright as I was putting away the iron. He knocked on my door asking if I needed to use the washing machine, nothing remarkable was said but I answered while wearing a vest, usually quite self conscious about my arms. Stood in a way to conceal the filth in my room. It reeks of piss too.

Working for £26 on these short shifts, week long bus pass is £18. Hardly seems worth it, there is no alternative though so I must endure. Going to need another job or for Student Finance to come through to help out with the rent in the long term without slashing my savings.

Work was mostly pleasant, quiet since most kids are at school, time flies by since I know I won’t be there long. Start and end of the day is uncomfortable, everyone still at the park is friends with each other, today they were all gathered at a table, chatting. I hovered around a bit at first, them perched on to the edge of a bench, listened in, tried to learn but couldn’t digest their conversations at all, just worthless drivel. Owners kid was in charge today, he threw keys less than 2 metres from me, underarm, still failed to catch them despite the things hitting my chest. Tried to help fold some covers with a coworker got a “what are you doing?”. Owners kid asked me if I needed any days off next week, told him Friday, he asked why and if it was uni related, I fumbled around with words before settling on “nothing”, he pushed, said he needed to write something down. I said the operations director was aware of it, he gave up and left. Not sure who knows what, the “Trial update” entry has been read by those who read my blog but I only told my manager the particulars of the charges. Don’t believe he passed those details onto the operations director since it wasn’t mentioned during our brief meeting, I will only speak of the trial and my conviction to my manager to stat on the safe side. Owners kid shoots a lot of clearly forced smiles, I like that he’s trying. I must have come across as shifty and/or rude.

Tried speeding past adjacent coworkers on my way home, she said “hello” to me, always makes sure to acknowledge me, it’s a nice gesture but I just want to fly under the radar now, not trying to make friends, it’s a luxury and takes effort.

Battered fish and gravy for dinner.

Glad to see Polish classmate still hadn’t moved on from ASDA.


One thought on “Mozart by request – Titles and entries for wageslave days are dull

  1. thank you for including my request of mozart, it means a lot

    I was also the guy that debated calling the park to sing your praise. If you would ever like me to do that for real I can, I think I would do a really convincing job

    Thank you for always making blog entries, my favourite part of the day is to read these. I’m thinking about starting one in September, I don’t know if I have the courage to put it online though.


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