Big Game Hunter

Played Hearthstone before and after work, was on the cusp of rank 10 before a loss shattered my dreams. Feel proud of myself regardless. Vacuumed my room, feel more comfortable and less dismayed about my situation sitting in a clean room though I have yet to dispose of the pissbottles though I blanket them in a towel to avoid looking at them. Bought some bus tickets for Chinese Chad as requested, he paid me back at the end of the day, I did not ask. He peeked into my room as I was gathering change to break his £20 note, I only really cleaned the carpet, wonder what he thought. Room still smells off. Our conversations were short, I recommended he watch Reservoir Dogs earlier since he had just seen Pulp Fiction. He had now seen that but I didn’t have anything specific about the film itself to say, just critiques of Tarantino.

Manager approached me at work, muttered “This’ll give you something to write about” and handed over a young man to me, I had to train him on the ride, the guy had ‘mum’ & ‘dad’ tattooed to his neck and a pregnant gf. Liked his accent and way with words, seemed familiar, not as as the other park workers. He was looking to make so money but didn’t know the park will only be open on weekends during September and shut sometime in October. Training him goes well enough, metrosexual there wasn’t much to it. I feel comfortable around him since I don’t feel the need for his approval since, I’m his senpai , I’m his superior. He tries talking about person stuff but I shut it down quick, I don’t have much to say on those matters, when it’s dead I talk about the ride or park. At the end of the day everyone is gathered up by the benches having a smoke and I’m standing to the wayside, usually I’d just loiter in the bathroom until it turns quarter past before clocking out but today the new guy is clinging to me as he assumes I’ll introduce him to the others or something, poor boy doesn’t realise how low my power level is, I loiter with everyone else in for a bit until they leave and clock out before quarter past (enjoy having 15 minutes pay docked from your wages).

I try and be social now and walk home with him but he stops and checks his phone. Charge home on my own. Accidentally told him the wrong time to be at work tomorrow.

Craving heroine or something to inject. I like the idea of it, sticking something directly inside of me.

Fantasising about the judge throwing my case out of court

The guys gf was in her final year on my course, fucking strange how common it seems to be for people I meet to have a close relationship with someone on my course, in the year I’ll be inserting myself. There was some fun when he said “After the trial will I be on this ride myself?”, got worried, asked him to clarify twice before realising he was referring too his job trial.

Relieved myself into a Lucozade bottle when I got home, it’s just normal now, think I might be doing it out of sloth.


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