bye bye

At the start of the working day my manager asked me to hand in my phone and jollily said “Wouldn’t want you updating your blog while you’re working”. He’s referenced this two days in a row now, it’s confusing, I would have thought it’d be best if it was forgotten about. I also don’t like it because he doesn’t understand the content of this blog or why I continue to update it.

Told me the guy I trained yesterday decided the job wasn’t for him, joked that I scared him off. Truth is I was too honest with him and the ones who recruited him were too dishonest with him, this is a short term gig with low hours and awful conditions. Today I had to train the guy who told the police I was a peado, he was more than pleasant enough, odd training him as he had worked at the park longer than I and was capable of operating much more complex rides. I don’t bear much of a grudge against him, can’t prove he was lying about who discovered the blog and he did apologise after all.

Shutting down the park I noticed the guy who trained me on the log flume was chairing a meeting with several other coworkers, I avoided them, they didn’t invite me. Clocking out I saw him again, he told me that I wouldn’t be seeing him again, thought that was cool of him, he didn’t have to say goodbye to me. Regret not responding with more than I did, think it was “oh” or “bye”.

I am now the only guy at the park fit enough and trained to run the log flume. 3 people on the ride have quit during my tenure and 2 others trained to run it have been injured on other rides. If I had a spine I’d ask for a loyalty bonus.

As I was clocking out another coworker, one of the older guys, asked to read my blog that one time. told me to wait until 6.15pm exactly or my wages would be cut. I was right to be paranoid. Still don’t have the confidence to enquire about deductions made on my time card.

I’ve exchanged brief pleasantries with one of the newer park workers quite often this week and last.

Saw little blonde while I was waiting for the bus, she has a black & yellow jacket, I like it, looks like the one from dead Rising 2, fits her gimmick, quirky and shit.

Manager gave me a verbal pat on the back for putting a stopper in front of a door, it was quite excessive. In theory statements like that should boost my self esteem but they’re so transparent it makes me feel worse.

There was a parade in the city centre, watched it for a few seconds, just people walking around, thought it boring.

Watched some Brasseye as recommended by my friend months ago. It’s just the one joke they beat to death for 20 minutes, I enjoy it for half the runtime.

No break on my shift from 11.45am to 6.15pm. Ate hummus and pitta bread.

Losing streak on Hearthstone.

Only just realised there was football today.


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